Monday, July 20, 2009

my first scrap pages

Its really nice weather here today, 23C, just right! Due to the car accident I was in, its been really hard to sit in my scrapping room and work. So, for today I am going to add a few pages I was working on. PLEASE keep in mind these are my first pages I've ever put together! hahaha This was before I really knew what I was doing, as I work at them, I feel I get better and better. The Beach theme was was made with the Cart "Life is a Beach" that I borrowed from a Friend.

I thought this was a fun page! I put a postcard in the middle, than put all sorts of my extra stickers from the trip, and wrote "NEXT TIME...." and put all the different things I want to do on my next trip to Florida. I used different colour brads for each line:

The colour of these are actually a lot brighter & nicer, I took pictures of them, I think thats why I Got this sticker in Florida at a Walmart & I LOVE it!

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