Friday, July 31, 2009

quick little goodie bag

I have not been doing a lot of crafting lately, I need to start it up again. I am throwing together a box for my Sis in Ontario. She had back surgery, and I want to send her a little goodie box :) My parents Birthdays are coming up too, so I will send a few things in there for them as well. This is what I made while I was watching tv this evening.

I got this idea from Robyn ( and just made it my own. I stayed super simple as I was just sitting in front of the tv as I did this. I used Glitter Card stock and covered Bliss chocolates & hershey assort. chocolates (YUM!) I just used scraps of the glitter paper I had left over from another project. I put the chocolates in little treat bags I bought for super cheap at Walmart. I don't have a stapler (shocking I know) well I have one that staples the big designer staples, but thats too big, so I used ZOTS to seal it together. I didn't really have any scrap ribbon around, so I just used some scrap ribbon to make a ribbon like look. Then I just added a little jewel...and DONE! Simple, easy and cheap to make (since I just used my scraps)
what I learned for next time.....
*Use my stamps or cricut to spice it up a bit if I wanted to make it more fancy (this is just to my family :P )
* Use different, brighter colours
*Use some cute Ribbon
Hope you are all having a great day/night, and a shout out to DIANA, my only follower! THANKS for the support!! :)

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