Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beep beep beep **Pink Stamper NEWS FLASH*****

beep...beep...beep..beep, okay so thats suppose to be like one of those old school news flash sounds hahah! ANYWAYS, I am super excited to let everyone know that Robyn has blog candy you DO NOT want to miss! She is going away the pink cricut cartridge, the one that you are only suppose to get when you buy the pink Cricut expressions. Provo Craft is giving one to her, to give to use!!! :D :D SOOOOO JUMP over to Robyn's site and enter for your chance to win! Watch her video and than comment underneath the video! Good luck to everyone!! :D There are already 900+ entries when I went to comment!! :O :O

p.s: if you have not already noticed I LOVE to share news about blog candy! If I can get more people on my site I will have some blog candy of my own!!


incase you can not get the link to work:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Check out the Blog candy on Jacque's Blog! WOW!

Hi everyone,
This is just a quick post, have not had the time to really create anything lately (except for a b-day card for my nephew "B", I'll post it later), its been a sad weekend. ANYWAYS, just wanted to share with you, that you should jump over to Jacque's blog and post a comment to win the amazing Halloween blog candy shown above, its that easy!(Don't forget to subscribe!) her site is so cute & she uses stamps that are the same name as my Mom (which is a very rare name, so I thought that was really neat!)
I think I am going to change around the look of my blog a bit in the next few days, getting tired of it, so keep watching! (I'm new at this blog stuff, so we will see how it turns out!) If anyone knows where to get a matching banner for the top of my blog OR knows how to create one ( I tried, it was awful!) PLEASE LET ME KNOW! THANKS!
Hope you are having a great day/evening, & remember, never take life for granted, you never know how long you have xo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got just a little copic colouring done today. Friends came over for a visit and to drop off wedding pictures that I am helping them make into a scrapbook wedding album. These images are for some of the Christmas cards I am making to give out to family & friends. I am going to make them into "shaker" cards (they will have plastic over the picture, and fake snow or tiny beads, sort of like a snow globe) I am VERY excited to make these, I think they will be SUPER cute! I still need to go out and buy the fake snow or beads to do it, but I figure I should get started on the colouring. I am not that experienced with colouring with copics, so it takes me a while to colour. I still need to do all the shading on them, but I figured I would wait until they were dry (and my neck wasn't hurting so much!) Hope everyone is having an awesome night/day! Lets hope that I actually get some projects DONE in the near future! :)

I won a stamp set on Kimmie's blog!!

Just a SUPER short post, to tell you all how excited I am! I won a full set of CC designs stamps! It is the Underwater Sentiments set! I got up this morning to go to get ready for work, and thats the first thing I went to check! Thanks to Kimmie for having this contest on her blog, and thanks to Christine, the stamp designer for the prize! I am thrilled, and can not wait to play with the set!

Well its back to work for me now, I came in early so I could post this! (haha, I was just a little excited) As I said in my last post, be sure to check out Kimmie's blog, her cards are SOO cute! I'll hopefully post a creation tonight, depending how the evening goes! Hope you are having a fab day/night! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scrappin' Great Deals Order came today!!!

Yippeeee! These last few weeks for me have been good when it comes to scrapping & card making stuff! My SGD order came today! I already cut my stamps and put them in a cd case (see picture) I got this idea from Robyn she does this with ALL her stamps. Maybe I shouldn't be showing off my new Christmas stamps, as they are going on my christmas cards, but everyone that gets one can just act suprised! hahaha I bet your thinking "CHRISTMAS CARDS, already!?!?!?!" the answer is YES, it seriously takes me forever to mail things, so I figure if I start working on them and have them done early, than I will actually get them to people by Dec 24th or so! :) I still have not crafted anything, time has been the issue, I work in the morning/afternoon, and than physio in the evenings (and riding the bus in between that!) OH I also got the "new arrivals" cricut cart from today as well. I ordered it when it was on sale and I got an extra 20% off AND they also do flat rate shipping for 1-2 carts (it just comes in a big envelope) It cost me about $40CAD all together, so I am pretty happy about that! Hope everyone is having an awesome night/day! If you LOVE copic makers like i do, make sure to check out these 2 blogs for inspiration and ideas, these ladies are A-MAZ-ING!!:

If you own Copics you NEED to print this out! You colour the squares with the colours that you have. My Sis printed it on the same paper I stamp on so it. Its great to see what colours you have, and I find the outside of the markers and caps do not do the markers justice!

This wheel helps me to see ALL the copic colours

you can print these off for free at in the library.
oh & ps: so I opened up my box from SGD and there were little candies inside, how cut is that!?!
oh ps x2- DID ANYONE WATCH BIG BROTHER THIS EVENING! WOWOWOWOW that was my reaction, there is sooo much drama, I LOVE that show!!! leave a msg in my chatterbook it you want to talk more about it---------------------------------------------------------->

Monday, August 17, 2009

not a lot of crafting today

Just a quick post this evening, I did not do much crafting today, so I just posted a picture of what I am working on. I am also working on a project for a friend, but can not post it because I know they will see it, so you will all have to wait! tee hee! Not much else going on, I have a Physio appointment tomorrow for my neck (its a good and bad thing, feels good while I'm there, but the next few hours and/or day after its not so fun!!) Anyways I'm going to go work on edited a video on my mac if I can, its just ones of my Chihuahuas, if I can get it to work, I've never edited on my mac. If it works I'll add it to this post later :) Have a great night/day!
Milo & Mia (pics taken on Blackberry so not that clear)
started colouring this pumpkin stamp I got yesterday, but have not finished or had time to do anything with it. SOOON!

**UPDATE: so I can't put the video up because I have to upload it from my memory card onto Jon's laptop (I lost the cord) and then I have to email it so that I can put it on my mac, and the files say they are too big, another day I guess! Sorry!

a simple 'odd' Thanks card

I can not believe it is already the 17th of August (although I'm counting this as my aug 16th blog, since its only a little after midnight!) Where has the summer gone, I already saw tons of Halloween stuff out, and even bought some :O , well just stamps! Jon & I went shopping today & I used my 50% off coupon at Michael's to stock up on more cardstock, as I usually do. I DO NOT buy paper from there at regular price (around $30) when I can get it with my coupon for $15, I must be Dutch...or smart! ;) hahah!
So I am going to guess that you are wondering what the caption of my blog means today....well... last night I read that it is much more visually appealing for the human eye to see things in odd numbers, rather than evens, & especially in groups of threes! It draws the eye in more than even numbers. I never knew this, but decided to add it to a very simple card to see what happens. The stamp has three things in it, and I added pearls (and coloured them with my copics the same colour I used for the flower) in groups of threes. I kept it simple, just to see if it still draws the eye, what do you think? I am lacking in the ribbon department ( I only buy it at Michaels when its on sale, and that has not seemed to happen much lately) so I used some really flashy ribbon I had. Here is the copics I used to colour the stamp my sister Mel bought me: R20, Y21, C-1, Y28, E50, W-1, BG93, R81, W-5, W-7, & E33
We also went shopping at Costco today, and Jon found this medal wheely drawer cart, I do not actually know the name, because it was the display model and there were no signs around. I am really excited about it, because now I can sort through my scraps of paper! Also I can wheel it in the living room and hang out with Jon if I want. I am very excited about it, and I think I am going to get A LOT of use out of it. I labeled it and filled it the minute I got through the door! haha The other picture is of stamps I bought at Michael's today for $1.50 each! They will be great for Halloween card, (well thats if I remember to send them, my parents B-day cards are still here from the beg. of the month!! : opps!, I am the worst for that!) anyways, hope you are having a great night/day. Still working on getting videos up, then maybe I'll get a few more hits!
in the picture it looks really halloweenish, but its actually a very pretty yellow, not orange! well it does look kinda halloweenish I guess haha
I added leaves around the picture to make it feel more like fall and halloween! teehee
closed & open
(okay so see the stamps at the bottom, well I bought those off Ebay for like $30, and it is by far my worst Ebay purchase EVER! They do not tell you what the stamps say until you get them, and more than Half I will Never ever use! like there is ones shaped like pears and it says "pear, pear, pear, pear, pear" all over it, WHEN am I going to use that! Oh well you live, you learn!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Try something crazy!

Sooo, I wanted to make a card that only took like 1/2 hour or less, including using copics, and this is what I came up with. I decided to try something CrAzY and I put tin-foil through my Cuttlebug! I did a couple different patterns and they looked super cool, I'm going to make something with them later. I used a happy birthday embossing folder, and cut out just the happy to make the card, that way it could be happy as in happy birthday, or I could use it in a different way. Anyways, this is what turned out. I have used and coloured this stamp TONS of times, but it is one of the only small one I have that would still go with the "happy" theme. The flash kind of ruins the look of the tin-foil, but in person it actually looks pretty cool. I cut the scallop twice, using "storybook" cricut cart, and then used pop dots to put it on the card. I also stickled all over the place, I LOVE that stuff! I used Crystal lacquer on the wings like I always do. This card is by far nothing special, but something different. I have been colouring the stamps my Sis gave me, but have not come up with a cute card for them yet, I'm too tired I think! New (and much better!!) cards to come, Brownie Promise! Hope you are having a GREAT day/night!
Copics I used; Y06, R85, E33, RV34, B45, BG10, R81, E21, & YG06, I didn't bother to do any kind of shadowing (honestly I was too lazy! haha)

next time;
*not be so lazy! LOL
*buy a light purple copic, so that I can pull all the purple together
*cuttlebug the strip of paper
*use more embelishments
*use ribbon

***an after edit: so I published my post, then went to click pics to make sure they worked, and saw all the messy marks on my stamped image, where I went out of the lines :( On my way to fix that now.....haha!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, SOO there was a package for me in the mail today, I knew my mom had sent me a package of stuff that I had left there on my last trip, but I was not expecting what I found. A box full of scrapbooking & cardmaking goodies!!!! :D I was BEYOND happy!!! When I was home, my sister Mel took me to a craftstore called Scrappin Great Deals ( ) in London & I bought a ton of stuff and Mel and I even went to a card making class (so much fun, and thats where I got hooked on copics!!)
She has been buying stuff there for me since I left and I can't believe it! The Craziest part of all is that I was on a few days ago, and saw that they had a stamp of 2 furry chihuahua looking dogs, and I added it to MY CART! I hadn't ordered it yet because I was still going through the rest of the stamps and had run out of time, I can not believe that she found that same one at Scrappin Great Deals and bought it for me!!! Um I think my sister might know me just a little bit! AHAHAHAAH I wanted the stamp so bad because, well my blog is Carrie & her Chihuahuas (or carrie & her doggies) and I have a male and a female Milo & Mia. I wanted to use it to stamp on the back of cards and projects I work on and write my name as a signature, I am sooo HAPPY! Besides that, there is soo much other cool stuff she sent me, including books, and one of Kimmie and Andrea's card kits!!! I am going to have so much fun playing with all of this, and it could not have come at a better time!!! ALSO I ordered some stuff online last week from and I won a $10 gift card, Sheila emailed me today, this has turned into a much better day!! <3
Here are my goodies:
Click the pictures to get a better look!
house mouse-Hop-it, Bumble stamp
Stamping bella-butch and mimi
card kit with High Hopes-singing Catrina stamp
*****Thanks for looking, hope your day is going well, and check out if you get a chance, its Canadian based (London, Ont), and the owner Sheila is so sweet! They have deals on free shipping a lot as well as a 12 hour sale (well its longer than that, but they like the name LOL!) each week, with some awesome deals AND whenever you buy, you get the chance to win a gift card, JUST LIKE I DID!! tehehehe! Take Care!!!*******************
Thank you soo much Mel & Thanks for sending me my package Mom! xo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

new carts, new cardstock = big smile :D

So this week I bought 2 more carts; Wildcard (which I have wanted for a while) & Simply Sweet (very cute font cart) I have been playing around with the Wildcard & it is A LOT of fun! My only complaint about it would be, that if you want to make a matching envelope for the card, than the card has to be pretty small. Other than that, its an AWESOME cart!
I also bought some new cardstock today, three stacks of DCWV (Die cuts with a view) and they are beautiful, I love their paper. I am in the process of making a bunch of simple cards to put away for times when I need a card quick. I'm just going to make them simple, than stamp a saying I want when I need it. I ordered some new stamps this week online, so they should be here soon! I also ordered the New Arrives cart and pre-ordered Sweethearts (should be out this month!!) as well. I can't wait to make baby shower cards for people, and also I want to do some Scrap pages for my niece & nephews! Thats all for now, hope everyone is having a fab night! oh and ps: Jon & I are looking at tri-pods so that I can sit my camera down and video some cards I make! Can't wait! here are a few cards:

a simple card made with DCWV cardstock( its all glitter, not sure if it shows up on camera) and a prima flower, took about 5 minutes to make, super easy & simply

made these with WC cart. Not sure if you can see in the picture, but the cupcake tops have a shine. I used 3D Crystal Lacquer on them. I used scrap pieces of cardstock and bits of ribbon I had laying around.

This is a birthday card I made for my Dad, the tree is actually the envelope! I used dew drops (or skittles) to make little apples! Inside it says "I hope your Birthday was a HOOT" he will get a kick out of that!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I will scrap/card make SOON (hopefully!)

  So, I have not been doing much crafting lately because I am not getting much sleep. My neck has been giving me a lot of trouble, and no matter what I do, I just can't sleep, I literally "cat nap" all day before going to work for four hours. I will hopefully start getting more sleep, and be able to craft more, so stay tuned!

I bought 3 new carts this week; Hello Kitty Greetings, Stretch Your Imagination, & Joys of the Season.  Hope to play with those soon!

ALSO, check out  (formally EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!! She is doing a video, and having a give-away every day, due to getting a million (well more now!) hits! Make sure to comment on her prizes for your chance to win, and make she to congratulate her on hitting a million hits, its awesome! Also, if you have never been to her site (her new one has a really awesome make-over) check it out, she has tons and tons of videos, and pictures on projects she has done, she specializes with cricut projects and she use to be a Stampin' up demonstrator. I get A LOT of my inspiration from her, so be sure to check out all her videos! hope everyone is having a good day, its rainy here, but its suppose to warm up as the week goes on. I'll have some projects soon!!!

p.s I have a link to Robyn (the pink stamper)'s page on the right side of my blog under "my favorite blog!" CHECK IT OUT! <3