Monday, August 17, 2009

not a lot of crafting today

Just a quick post this evening, I did not do much crafting today, so I just posted a picture of what I am working on. I am also working on a project for a friend, but can not post it because I know they will see it, so you will all have to wait! tee hee! Not much else going on, I have a Physio appointment tomorrow for my neck (its a good and bad thing, feels good while I'm there, but the next few hours and/or day after its not so fun!!) Anyways I'm going to go work on edited a video on my mac if I can, its just ones of my Chihuahuas, if I can get it to work, I've never edited on my mac. If it works I'll add it to this post later :) Have a great night/day!
Milo & Mia (pics taken on Blackberry so not that clear)
started colouring this pumpkin stamp I got yesterday, but have not finished or had time to do anything with it. SOOON!

**UPDATE: so I can't put the video up because I have to upload it from my memory card onto Jon's laptop (I lost the cord) and then I have to email it so that I can put it on my mac, and the files say they are too big, another day I guess! Sorry!

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