Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scrappin' Great Deals Order came today!!!

Yippeeee! These last few weeks for me have been good when it comes to scrapping & card making stuff! My SGD order came today! I already cut my stamps and put them in a cd case (see picture) I got this idea from Robyn http://mypinkstamper.com/ she does this with ALL her stamps. Maybe I shouldn't be showing off my new Christmas stamps, as they are going on my christmas cards, but everyone that gets one can just act suprised! hahaha I bet your thinking "CHRISTMAS CARDS, already!?!?!?!" the answer is YES, it seriously takes me forever to mail things, so I figure if I start working on them and have them done early, than I will actually get them to people by Dec 24th or so! :) I still have not crafted anything, time has been the issue, I work in the morning/afternoon, and than physio in the evenings (and riding the bus in between that!) OH I also got the "new arrivals" cricut cart from www.ohmycrafts.com today as well. I ordered it when it was on sale and I got an extra 20% off AND they also do flat rate shipping for 1-2 carts (it just comes in a big envelope) It cost me about $40CAD all together, so I am pretty happy about that! Hope everyone is having an awesome night/day! If you LOVE copic makers like i do, make sure to check out these 2 blogs for inspiration and ideas, these ladies are A-MAZ-ING!!:

If you own Copics you NEED to print this out! You colour the squares with the colours that you have. My Sis printed it on the same paper I stamp on so it. Its great to see what colours you have, and I find the outside of the markers and caps do not do the markers justice!

This wheel helps me to see ALL the copic colours

you can print these off for free at www.copicmarker.com in the library.
oh & ps: so I opened up my box from SGD and there were little candies inside, how cut is that!?!
oh ps x2- DID ANYONE WATCH BIG BROTHER THIS EVENING! WOWOWOWOW that was my reaction, there is sooo much drama, I LOVE that show!!! leave a msg in my chatterbook it you want to talk more about it---------------------------------------------------------->

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