Monday, August 17, 2009

a simple 'odd' Thanks card

I can not believe it is already the 17th of August (although I'm counting this as my aug 16th blog, since its only a little after midnight!) Where has the summer gone, I already saw tons of Halloween stuff out, and even bought some :O , well just stamps! Jon & I went shopping today & I used my 50% off coupon at Michael's to stock up on more cardstock, as I usually do. I DO NOT buy paper from there at regular price (around $30) when I can get it with my coupon for $15, I must be Dutch...or smart! ;) hahah!
So I am going to guess that you are wondering what the caption of my blog means today....well... last night I read that it is much more visually appealing for the human eye to see things in odd numbers, rather than evens, & especially in groups of threes! It draws the eye in more than even numbers. I never knew this, but decided to add it to a very simple card to see what happens. The stamp has three things in it, and I added pearls (and coloured them with my copics the same colour I used for the flower) in groups of threes. I kept it simple, just to see if it still draws the eye, what do you think? I am lacking in the ribbon department ( I only buy it at Michaels when its on sale, and that has not seemed to happen much lately) so I used some really flashy ribbon I had. Here is the copics I used to colour the stamp my sister Mel bought me: R20, Y21, C-1, Y28, E50, W-1, BG93, R81, W-5, W-7, & E33
We also went shopping at Costco today, and Jon found this medal wheely drawer cart, I do not actually know the name, because it was the display model and there were no signs around. I am really excited about it, because now I can sort through my scraps of paper! Also I can wheel it in the living room and hang out with Jon if I want. I am very excited about it, and I think I am going to get A LOT of use out of it. I labeled it and filled it the minute I got through the door! haha The other picture is of stamps I bought at Michael's today for $1.50 each! They will be great for Halloween card, (well thats if I remember to send them, my parents B-day cards are still here from the beg. of the month!! : opps!, I am the worst for that!) anyways, hope you are having a great night/day. Still working on getting videos up, then maybe I'll get a few more hits!
in the picture it looks really halloweenish, but its actually a very pretty yellow, not orange! well it does look kinda halloweenish I guess haha
I added leaves around the picture to make it feel more like fall and halloween! teehee
closed & open
(okay so see the stamps at the bottom, well I bought those off Ebay for like $30, and it is by far my worst Ebay purchase EVER! They do not tell you what the stamps say until you get them, and more than Half I will Never ever use! like there is ones shaped like pears and it says "pear, pear, pear, pear, pear" all over it, WHEN am I going to use that! Oh well you live, you learn!)

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