Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, SOO there was a package for me in the mail today, I knew my mom had sent me a package of stuff that I had left there on my last trip, but I was not expecting what I found. A box full of scrapbooking & cardmaking goodies!!!! :D I was BEYOND happy!!! When I was home, my sister Mel took me to a craftstore called Scrappin Great Deals ( ) in London & I bought a ton of stuff and Mel and I even went to a card making class (so much fun, and thats where I got hooked on copics!!)
She has been buying stuff there for me since I left and I can't believe it! The Craziest part of all is that I was on a few days ago, and saw that they had a stamp of 2 furry chihuahua looking dogs, and I added it to MY CART! I hadn't ordered it yet because I was still going through the rest of the stamps and had run out of time, I can not believe that she found that same one at Scrappin Great Deals and bought it for me!!! Um I think my sister might know me just a little bit! AHAHAHAAH I wanted the stamp so bad because, well my blog is Carrie & her Chihuahuas (or carrie & her doggies) and I have a male and a female Milo & Mia. I wanted to use it to stamp on the back of cards and projects I work on and write my name as a signature, I am sooo HAPPY! Besides that, there is soo much other cool stuff she sent me, including books, and one of Kimmie and Andrea's card kits!!! I am going to have so much fun playing with all of this, and it could not have come at a better time!!! ALSO I ordered some stuff online last week from and I won a $10 gift card, Sheila emailed me today, this has turned into a much better day!! <3
Here are my goodies:
Click the pictures to get a better look!
house mouse-Hop-it, Bumble stamp
Stamping bella-butch and mimi
card kit with High Hopes-singing Catrina stamp
*****Thanks for looking, hope your day is going well, and check out if you get a chance, its Canadian based (London, Ont), and the owner Sheila is so sweet! They have deals on free shipping a lot as well as a 12 hour sale (well its longer than that, but they like the name LOL!) each week, with some awesome deals AND whenever you buy, you get the chance to win a gift card, JUST LIKE I DID!! tehehehe! Take Care!!!*******************
Thank you soo much Mel & Thanks for sending me my package Mom! xo

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