Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Have you seen my camera?

HELLOOOO I am still here, just been busy! I did work on a project this evening, and I can't find my camera!! Jon & I watched the show "hoarders" the other night, and as soon as it was over we both started cleaning our place like crazy! hahah We didn't even talk about it, we both just got up and started cleaning. Our place wasn't even a mess, nor are we hoarders (scrapbooking doesn't count....right?!! haha)but that show really can gross you out. Somewhere in that cleaning I think my camera was placed somewhere. Jon & I will have to go on a hunt tomorrow and see what happens. My project that I was working on, is putting vinyl on my Cricut! I am not done yet, but its pretty cool so far. Jon helped me to line everything up, its looking pretty cool! I'll try and get some pics up tomorrow if that dang camera can be found! Hope everyone is doing well, don't forget to check Scrapping Great Deals for the 12 hour special, I'm heading over there right now!

****UPDATE: I FOUND MY CAMERA! yay! haha so here is a picture of my Cricut with Vinyl. I am not done yet, but this is the start!
Oh & this is a birthday card I made for my Nephew "B" that just turned 2!! He loves S.S! These are just stickers, but I actually have the cricut cart now (well its in the mail)

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