Thursday, October 8, 2009

it snowed today, its october.... :(

WOW I haven't posted in a while, have not had the time to craft (how sad is that ) well I have sort of been crafting, but its been to help friends. Anyways, I finally got time to start on the Halloween stuff for my nephews/niece & my Mom's foster children. I actually made it up all by myself, I didn't get the design idea from anyone, so I am very impressed with myself! haha I love how the goodie bags with the bats turned out! The cat and the spider are cards, the cat is my fave! The bags are filled with candy corn and candy body parts, and than on the back I taped a small box of smarties because the bags I bought were not big enough. I just have a few more cards to make, I think I am going to do more of the cat ones, or maybe a card with mulitple bats on it. All of the cuts were made with Paper Doll Dress Up cart. That cart really gives you bang for your buck, there is SOOO much on it! I used a silver gel pen and stickles all over to make everything pop! The little characters are all propped up with pop dots.
Well I have a dentist appointment, so I gotta run, by the way, how much does the snow picture make you feel sick?!? I took that this morning, and its still coming down!!
Have a great day/nighT!

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