Sunday, October 18, 2009

something old to something new

The snow has finally melted, but who knows for how long! It has warmed up a bit, but to me it still feels like winter, not fall! Last night we met up with friends Ryan & Ashley and went to see the movie Law Abiding citizen at the movie theatre. It was a good movie, but made me jump a lot. I ended up having dreams last night of blood and scary stuff because of it! I HATE scary movies, and I never watch them ,but this was suppose to be a thriller not a horror movie, but it was still kinda scary!! (I know, I'm a wimp)
So the other night I was cleaning up my scrap room (Jon has been helping me to reorganize/change it around) and I found this old empty chocolate box and so I decided to make something out of it. I didn't bother to take out my cricut, but instead just used a stamp from the $1.50 bin at M's, my copics, some stickles and scrap pattern paper. I find the easiest way to fold paper around a box is to put it where you want, and than score it with a bone folder, it just works so much easier and smoother!

***The photo @ the top of post is the finished product inside. I covered up hershey's nugget chocolates, as well as layered the bottom with some bulk chocolates I bought from Costco.
the empty chocolate box I had, just clear plastic
after i decorated it with pattern paper (ps: I need to work on my bow tying, its embarrassing!)

This photo is just to show how I now organize my stickles. I use to have them in a drawer, and had to root through it finding the colours that I wanted, or I would use a different colour and realize after that I had a better one to go with the colours I was using. now I will not have that problem! This is just a cheap shelf that I bought at Ikea & Jon installed for me.
hope you are having a Fab day/night!!


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