Monday, December 28, 2009

fun news!

So I have some fun news! Today I bought a new Flip HD camera online!!! It holds 120 minutes of HD footage, I am SUPER excited! Its the same kind that most vloggers and youtube users have! I got regular shipping, so it will be here anywhere from Jan 5-8!!!! I am so excited because I want to start making videos, and how-to videos, as I am inspired by Robyn over at Mypinkstamper! I also went to Future Shop and got an AWESOME tripod for $20! It was regular $50, but they still have their boxing week sale up, so I got it on a good sale!
Tomorrow is hopefully "clean up the entire craft room" day! It NEEDS to be done before I can start up any new projects, I can't move in that room. There is lots of Christmas stuff (wrapping paper, boxes etc) that needs to be cleaned out of it.
I will try and post some pics tomorrow! Hope you are all having an awesome day/night! xo

I bough the camera from Amazon

I got the photo from *here*

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm back........

I'm back, and it is going to be better then ever! In the next few days, I will be working on my blog to make it better and start adding new posts. It has been a bit of a crazy time for me, but I really miss not posting something at least 2-3 times a week. While I was away from my blog, I was shopping online at when they had their blowout sale, as well as I ALWAYS (I'm actually addicted) check the daily deals for daily sales on all sorts of goodies. I now have tons and tons of stamps, and can not wait to start making cards and other crafts. I need to dust off the Cricut and get to work!! I will also have blog candy to give away once everything is up and running, so stay tuned!! Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas, and a Happy new year, see you back here in 2010!!

-Carrie xo