Tuesday, January 5, 2010

more news...and something about blog candy?.... :)

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a fab day/night! I have some more news, this week I bought an ATG glue adhesive gun, and SCAL (sure cuts a lot) for MAC/cricut. I can not wait for my ATG gun to get here, it will make crafting sooo much easier! I usually use the little adhesives that are $4 at Walmart, but they run out sooooo quickly and they do not always have the refills, so I have to keep buying the little plastic rollers (what the heck are they called?!?)
My flip camera is not here yet, BUT I do have a few pics to post of other things, I will have them up tomorrow (I have to go on a different computer to put them up) I am slowly trying to learn SCAL, I have been watching lots of youtube videos and there are some people out they are make it seem so easy! I'll keep playing around and maybe we will all learn some stuff together.
My blog is going to be doing a 360 in the next few weeks, no more of those quick crappy projects (okay, okay, maybe a few when I'm tired) I want to start taking on bigger and better things, so please stay tuned. I have lots and lots of ideas circling in my head, and can not wait to share some projects!!!! AND of course I have some yummy blog candy to give out as I get more hits on my site, all sorts of goodies, from stamps to cuttlebug folders to craft bags and so much more, so keep on the look out! I've been added to the blog candy pile weekly!! :)

Well its 1 am in the morning here, and I have to be up at 7am! Have a great day/night and I hope every one's New Year is going good so far!!
***update- a few pics added, having some 'issues" with the camera card/laptop, this is what I was able to get up for now! xo
Mia (black) & Milo(white & spotted) hanging out together. I know, I know, Milo is a chubby bubby!
My Parrotlet Oliver aka Olli

I'm not a fan of the word "haul" when people show all the things they bought from a store, but this is my big buy from Scrappin Great Deals!! This is like 3 months of buying the daily deals, sales and blow out sales. My Mom lives near the store, so she would just go pick it up for me, and then put it away. Then for Christmas, she sent it all together! It was a bit of an overwhelming day! I still haven't sorted it all out yet, but I am getting there! Make sure to check out Scrappin Great Deals for all their awesome deals, Daily Deals, 12 hour sale, and new Items! I LOVE THAT STORE*!! hahaha
*ps: I am not getting anything for writing this, I just really want to share the deals with everyone! :)

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