Tuesday, January 19, 2010

nothing new today

Hi everyone,
I will not be posting any projects today, I have a fever and the flu, so its all bed rest for me :( I did want to share though, that I went to Zellars the other day and found a really good deal! I went to the paper section (they sell DCWV paper, and a lot of other cute packs!) and found the HUGE stacks of DCWV Christmas and Holiday packs 12x12 (I think they have 180 pages or more). I could not find a sign, so I went up and asked and they were $11! I bought 4, so I will not have to buy ANY Christmas paper next year! (although I'm sure I will! haha) My receipt said I saved $67!! :O I love it when I get a sale, and paper NEVER goes to waste!!! You should check out your local Z and see what paper packs they have on sale. As time goes on they may even get cheaper, I just didn't want to wait just in case! Anyways, hope you are feeling better then me! Have a Fab day/night


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