Thursday, February 4, 2010

my first attempt at glass etching

This is my first attempt at glass etching. It was SUPER easy to do, and I LOVE how it turned out!! The picture does not do it any justice! It was super hard to get a picture, and sorry to say, this is the best I could do. I used a font that I had on my SCAL (sure cuts a lot) and lined it all up on the mat. Then I cut it out on scrap vinyl and carefully placed it on the glass. It was a little tricky because it is a bowl and very round, so it is very easy to get bubbles in the vinyl. I learned (after making 3) that the easiest thing to do, is start from the middle, then go to each side and smooth the vinyl out. I then added etching cream. The bottle says 60 seconds, but after reading some stories on the Cricut message board, I left it for 20, just to be safe!
I decided not to do a video this time, but maybe when I make another one I will! Anywho, sorry about the bad quaility picture! You should give etching a try!!! Have a fab day/night!!! xo

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