Saturday, February 27, 2010


What a week! I got back from London on Monday to find out that I would be starting a new position at work on Wednesday! Its in a different department and much different from my usual job. So all week I have been training ( and will be again next week ) and coming home with brain-overload! HAHA So I have done ZERO crafting :( I just have not had the time or energy! This weekend is a write off because there is so much to do ( groceries, cleaning, cooking etc ) So hopefully I will have some new stuff this week or next! Oh and next Saturday I am working a promotion for 9 hours, so we will see how much time I actually have!! I NEED to get some crafting in, I miss it!! haha Anyways, Robyn had a live show tonight and is having a giveaway! You can watch her show from tonight on her website, she always posts it later for people that miss it (I'm so glad she does, because when I was working shift work I sometimes had to miss it) So watch her video if you missed it and then comment what your favorite part was on her blog and you could win some AWESOME prizes!!!! Good Luck to everyone, and thanks to Robyn!!!!

Have a fab day/night!! xo

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