Friday, March 12, 2010


Hi Everyone!!

I am just editing the video for the blog candy, and shoud hopefully have it up shortly! I have not been posting anything lately because on Tuesday I was in ER (Emergency Room) all day with severe stomach pains. They now know what it is (over 7 hours later) and I have to go get more testing down, and am on painkillers and bed rest (gotta love laptops!!). I haven't been able to craft anything, but hopefully that changes soon! I am starting to feel a bit better, but not 100% yet. Hopefully I will be able to craft soon!! I quickly put together a video for the Blog Candy draw. Nothing special, but it HAD to include my doggies :) I should be on here soon::::

***PLEASE NOTE: it will take a couple hours to be high quality**
If the screen is too small, just double click and it will bring you to the full size YOUTUBE version :)

gocanucksgo- please send me your address so I can get that out as soon as I can!!

THANK YOU to everyone that participated!! There will be more Blog Candy to come for sure, its so much fun!!!! Thanks to all my followers and everyone that visits my blog!!! xo

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