Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

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Hi everyone and Happy Monday (haha)!
Hope you all had a fab weekend! I had to work my 2nd job on Saturday, so I am exhausted, didn't really seem like much of a weekend! I don't work it again until the 21st, so I can't complain! When I woke up this morning though, I couldn't believe it was already monday!
Any who, tonight I am hoping to make my blog banner a lot nicer!! The banner I have right now is just a picture of my Cricut and some font over the picture! haha kinda ugly, but I'm not that talented with the digital design stuff. I am hoping to craft something and then take a picture of it and put it as my banner! So we will see tonight! Also, I am FINALLY going to put up the pics of the Copic cards I made at ScrappinGreatDeals card class with Andrea and Angie !!! Its about time I did!! Hopefully this weekend I can make a new video as well! hehe Anyways, we will see what I cook up tonight!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has left comments on my blog! I really appreciate it, and it makes me want to make it even better and do more crafts just for you!! I will definitely be having more blog candy happening as well! Also, I will be adding more pictures and definitely some more of my doggies ;) Oh and I have a funny/cute video of my Parrotlet Olli and my dog Milo; for some reason Olli LOVES Milo, but the feelings are not mutual! I have a video of when I let Olli out, he kept trying to land on Milo!! haha I'll try and edit that tonight!!

Have a fab day/night!! :)

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