Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jak Heath Blog Candy!!

Check out Jak's Awesome Awesome Blog Candy going on until the 24th!! Its 2 sets of Promarkers and a wallet for them!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO

Here is what she has to say on her blog:

"I have some wonderful candy to give away to 1 lucky winner.
As you know I love working with promarkers so I thought this is the prize that I would love to win if I'd never tried them.
The prize is 2 sets of the promarkers and a handy wallet to keep them organised.

Set 1 colours: Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pink, Blush, Ivory, Apricot, Orange, Terracotta, Grass, Sky Blue, Pastel Blue
Set 2 colours: Cool Aqua, Poppy Red, Henna, Dusky Pink, Sandstone, Saffron, Petrol Blue, Cool Grey 2, Cool Grey 4, Black.
A Letraset Wallet you can customise your own pallet. It holds up to 24 ProMarkers."
And this is all you have to do: 

"Firstly spread the word about the Blog Candy, that means add the details and a link back to this on your website or blog and leave me a comment with a link to where it is, if you dont have either of these contact me via email.
Secondly, leave a comment on every card that I show this week.
This is the only way to win.

Good luck everyone, I'm sure that whoever wins this will be just as thrilled with these as I am."


I am super excited as I have never tried these markers before and this would be a great way to get my hands on them! haha who knows, it might just be my NEW addiction! hahah

Good luck to everyone!!

*image is copyright Jak Heath


Okay, So I've been a really really bad blogger! I've been so busy with training at work that when I come home I am mentally drained, and just want to hang out for a little bit and then SLEEEPPPP! Last Fri-Sun we also went to Calgary which was a blast, and the dogs got to stay at the sitters and socialize with other doggies! I had lots of fun and got to do some shopping (didn't get to go to any Crafts store tho :( ) This weekend is a total write-off because we are doing some summer cleaning and re-organizing a bunch of stuff in our place and making it look less cluttered!
Anyways just wanted to pop in a say Hi! I will also be posting some more sites that have blog candy so you all can see it. I can not seem to get the sidebar blog candy to work, I can't seem to get a picture and a link, but I am working on that!

Hope you are all having a fab day/night

love from the bad bad blogger who needs to update more and start working on more projects! xo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a busy, busy night!

Hi Everyone,

 So yesterday I picked up my paper racks (2) and I thought they were a cream colour, BUT when I got home I quickly found out they were white, just extreamly dusty!! AHHH it took me about an hour and a half (I wish I was being dramatic!) to clean up both and make them nice and shiney again! Its days like that, that I wish I had a garden hose! Anyways, I set them all up and sorted all my paper out. I am so glad that I have the racks, because I found so much paper that I forgot  I bought, and some of my paper was getting really bent up from being in the cupboards/drawers. I took some pictures which I will post tonight when I get home.
  I was planning on having a relaxing night, but once I got to cleaning up the paper, I started organizing everything else, and didn't finish until almost 11 pm last night!!!! Now I have no excuse to start crafting because I have a clean room and I know where everything is!! I'll post some pics later this evening!

Hope you guys have a fab day!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi & some updates!

HI everyone! 
I hope you all had an awesome Easter weekend. It was nice to have some time to just relax and hang out! I am going today to pick up some paper racks (the store kind) that a lady here is selling for cheap, if I can get them into my car!! Then I am coming home and doing some crafting!! :) I worked on a few little things this weekend, and practiced Copic techniques as well. I found out i didn't get into the Copic Class in Calgary :( but I think it was full of designers and store owners, etc. Hopefully I can catch it next time around!!
Just wanted to share something I found on a message board that people were talking about. Its a live steam on Ustream of a Mamma Owl and her owlets! I think its kinda cool to check out as I am a huge animal lover, and its something you wouldn't normally get to see. I also think its awesome for teachers to show students! Anyways thought I would share!! I'll be back later!!


Click the owl photo to go to the U Stream Video!

*I do not own this photo, it is from The Owl Box Ustream 

ALSO check out this one, its nice to have on in the background when all the birds are out! (plus my parrot Ollie loves it haha)