Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a busy, busy night!

Hi Everyone,

 So yesterday I picked up my paper racks (2) and I thought they were a cream colour, BUT when I got home I quickly found out they were white, just extreamly dusty!! AHHH it took me about an hour and a half (I wish I was being dramatic!) to clean up both and make them nice and shiney again! Its days like that, that I wish I had a garden hose! Anyways, I set them all up and sorted all my paper out. I am so glad that I have the racks, because I found so much paper that I forgot  I bought, and some of my paper was getting really bent up from being in the cupboards/drawers. I took some pictures which I will post tonight when I get home.
  I was planning on having a relaxing night, but once I got to cleaning up the paper, I started organizing everything else, and didn't finish until almost 11 pm last night!!!! Now I have no excuse to start crafting because I have a clean room and I know where everything is!! I'll post some pics later this evening!

Hope you guys have a fab day!


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