Thursday, May 27, 2010

day 7

We are in Calgary Canada after going though a snow storm!!! I'll update tomorrow, sorry! xoxo

Day 6 extras

 Today felt like a really long day, but it was also a lot of fun! We ate an awesome lunch at a place called 'Qdoba', which is a Mexican restaurant. I had a vegetarian taco salad and tortilla soup, it was YUMMY! Then we drove for a while and hit up the Dakota zoo. I kinda judged the place by the outside, but it was actually a cute little zoo. After that we thought it was all driving, but we stumbled upon "the Badlands" and it was BEAUTIFUL! It seemed to go on for miles and miles! We also saw Bison and some sort of deer, I was really impressed! After that, it was just straight driving, but we ended up driving into CRAZY CRAZY storms! I say storms because we would get through one, and go right into the next. Flashes of purple lightning that made it seem like day time, buckets of rain and crashes of thunder. It took us almost double the time to get to the hotel. The front desk ended up telling us there is a tornado warning!!! Ahhh! I'm off to bed, I'm sooo exhausted! good night!

ps: we are in Miles City, MI

Here are some pics

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 6

   Just a quick little bathroom break at Mcdonald's, and they have free wifi, so thought I would update before my battery dies. We are currently in Jamestown, ND "home of the albino buffalo" haha! Its a cute little town, pretty much a cow town it seems. We had been driving though fields and fields and then all of a sudden hit this place. We are going to try to make it to the Dakota zoo, I think it is about 2 hours from here or so. I think we are done shopping for the most part, just a quick visit to Walmart should do it! I went to Hobby Lobby this morning and got 2 more paper packs and a few sale stickers and pens they had on sale. When I get home I will show what I bought. Other then that its been pretty quiet, just lots of driving! We will be staying another night in the States, and then it will be back to my homeland, Canada. I can't believe the trip is already coming to an end, seemed like when we first started it would take forever to get back! haha anyways, I'm off to see if I can find an iced soy coffee around here! Wish me luck!

hope Y'all are having a fab day!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 5


             Paper Heaven at Hobby Lobby leading to the awesome clearance section! :)

Hi Everyone!! 
We are currently in St Paul, Minnesota. We drove for about 5+ hours this morning, and on the way we saw a sign for "the Mall of America" and knew we had to make a "pit stop". Well that "pit stop" turned out to be a 4+ hour stop! hahah We shopped around for a bit, and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. The mall is almost overwhelming, we didn't even get to see half of it! We also went to an aquarium in the mall and it was cool! My Sister and I seem to be having an "amphibian week" or something! Oh and this morning I also stopped into Hobby Lobby as we do not have one in Canada and it was AWESOME! I could have spent hours and hours (and hundred and hundred of $) in that store!!!

 I'm soooo super exhausted, and have an early rise tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Hope you all had a fab day! 

Mall of america

I am writing this from an ipad in the mall of america! jzust stopping bye to say HI!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 4

   What a CRAZY CRAZY day! My sister and I went to the Outlets just outside of Chicago and stayed there most of the day!!!! Coach handbag store was having a sale on their bags and we were LOVING it! The clearence was 50% off and then another 20% off, so I got a Beautiful $498 bag for like 70% off!! Wahoooooooooooo! I got 2 different bags, a purple one, and a simple black, I'll have to post a pic later.
 We also found another mall, and when we were looking around we found out there was a "reptile zoo" in the mall, so we checked that out. It was actually kinda cool, we saw the biggest snake in captivity in the world (its a "man-eating" snake!!!!) and a tortoise that is half an inch from being the biggest tortoise in Guinness book of world records. My camera was slowly dying, so I filmed a lot of my Flip video camera, so I will post that later.I am soooooo exhausted, I couldn't even shop anymore! I went to a LSS (local scrap store) and got a few cute sheets of 12x12 paper, mostly Jelly Bean Soup, and some Gypsy stylists for 50% off and worked out to be 3 for $6! :) We are going to be going to Hobby Lobby, we didn't realize that the farther west we go, the less Hobby Lobby's there are!! SAD!!

Well I'm exhusted, gotta crawl into bed! Have a fab day/night and thanks for stopping by!!


                                                  My Sister and the snake

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 3-little update


 Just got access to free wireless at a Mcdonalds (of all places, and I was just getting an iced Frappe!) so thought I'd just update and say we're in Dewitt, MI and going to drive to Chicago to stay the night. So far its been great and it was pretty easy and quick to get over the boarder. 

gotta go, starting to drive again!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The trip has begun! Day 1&2 in Ont!

I may have flown with Westjet....

   So yesterday I worked until 1 pm, got home, put my last few things together and took off to the airport. It was a bit hectic because of the long weekend, but I made it to my gate just as the plane was boarding (okay, so maybe it was last call because I thought I had more time, but it was still boarding! *hehehe*). We were really delayed due to the turbulence we went through. It got pretty scary there for a while, the Captain came on the speaker saying that it was going to be a rough ride (oh joy!) But I made it safe and sound. For any of you who have been to the Toronto airport can feel my pain when I say I HATE the baggage claim!! AHHHHHHHH! How it works is that you have to claim your bags before you can see anyone from the general public i.e: your ride that has been waiting for your delayed flight to come in.
Problem is, the luggage took like 1/2 hour before it started to come down, so I had to stand there for half an hour not knowing if my ride (my Bro) was standing on the other side of the wall waiting for me, or wondering if I actually made the flight! I understand it is for security reasons, but they could at least have some clear glass windows so I could look out and wave! haha well thats enough ranting for me!
  So far my trip has been AWESOME! Stayed at My Bro & SIL place that night with my cute little niece "M" and Nephew "B" and then drove with them from Oakville to London. We put together all the food for the bbq (my SIL was AMAZING!!! She rocks!) and had a great bbq party for one of my Sister's who just finished University. It was great, got to see lots of the fam jam and just hang out!
Any who, I'm EXHUSTED, so I'm off to bed. Here are a few quick pics I took. My sis and I leave tomorrow for the states! Woop woop! Hopefully I can update tomorrow, as long as we go somewhere with internet! My Blackberry won't let me sign into my website :(

have a fab night everyone and hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

much love!

My "spoork" and snacks. I need to throw out all my spoons and forks and just get some of these bad boys!
The flat Prairies and whip cream clouds
A blurry pic of Toronto as we were landing

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its Hello Thursday!

Hi everyone,
 Its Hello Thursday, so check out the new carts -->HERE<--

Robyn over at My Pink Stamper, is showing off some of her creations with the new carts so check those out!

Here is one of the things I was working on this week:

its a picture that someone at the office took, I forgot to take a picture at home!! OPPS! This is a jar that I callled "sunshine" jar, and everyone in the office wrote nice things, quotes, jokes etc for a lady that is going through breast cancer at work. I got the idea from the Cricut message board from a lady (I need to find her name, I can't find it at the moment!! SORRY!) 
and I thought it was a fab idea, thanks to everyone who helped and commented!

I have also been working on a farm book for my Niece and Nephew "M" & "B" for Friday evening, and I have been filming me altering my Cuttlebug and ATG gun. I was hoping to have those vids up this week, but I don't have enough bling, so I am going to see if I can pick up some in the States this week. I fly out tomorrow, and you are all coming with me!

Gotta get back to work!  (I'll spell check later hehe!!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

sitting on pins and needles!

  I am sitting in suspense right now, waiting to find out if the trip to the States will go ahead. My sister has to get her passport in order to cross the boarder, and it is suppose to be ready Friday May 21st. I fly in May 21st and we leave May 23rd, so hopefully it will be done by then, its cutting it super close!! If she doesn't get it in time, we can still have fun driving through Canada, and I will still take tons of photos and be sure to bring you along, there just wont be a Hobby Lobby! haha! Really I won't know if we are going until I fly in that day, so I guess it will be a suprise!

I can not believe I am at 1,500 hits! WOW! Once I get back from my trip I will do another Blog candy draw (maybe I will find some cool stuff on my way, to giveaway!)

Also, check out Suzanne's blog, she did a cool project and coloured material with Copics!! She is VERY talented!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mamma's Day!

Hi Everyone,

 Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! Hope you had a fab day!
As you may see, some things on my blog are changing, Jon bought me my domain name, so now I no longer have "blogspot" in my address. It is now just If you do, do it will re-direct you to my blog, so you can still do that. I'm going to try and change some things on my blog in the coming weeks as I learn more (thanks to Google & Youtube, and the people that take the time to make awesome videos or answer questions!!) 
  Tonight I filmed part of a new video I have in store. I will have it up sometime this week. It has something to do with paint, and so I have to wait for it to dry before doing the next part, so it won't be done until this week. Hopefully I can start having a video a week and go from there. The hardest part about the video making is not the actually filming, its the editing afterwords (or when the dogs start barking mid-way through and mess me all up!)
Anyways, hope you all had a great day, I'm off to scrub this pink paint off my hands! Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love!

ps: Trying to go a little 'green' this year?! Try this website: vinegarworkswonders I love using it instead of harsh chemicals, especially for windows! :)

wondering about the new Cricut Carts for June?!? Patty just posted some pics on her blog, check them out! The deer on 'Cindy loo' is so cute, and the 'freshly picked' looks like fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hi Y'all!


I got some stuff in the mail yesterday, my new CRICUT GYPSY from Oh My Crafts (woop woop!), and the C.C Designs Spring Stamp kit from All That Scraps ! I will have lots of stuff to play with this weekend now! I'm getting the hang of the Gypsy, and thankfully there are so many nice people on YouTube making awesome videos showing how to use it! I brought it on the subway/bus to & from work to break up my time and it helps a lot, AND I am learning!!
  Some other fun news is that on the long weekend I am going with one of my Sisters to the USA for a few days (IF she gets her passport on time, fingers crossed!!!!) AND you ALL are coming with ME!! (well through photos and videos!!) She is moving from Ontario to B.C so I am going to fly to Ontario and then we are going to drive all through the states instead of Canada. I am hoping that Hobby Lobby & Joanne's will have some coupons online, as I want to do some shopping there! My Sis supports my Crafting obsession/addiction, so she said we can stop wherever and see if there are any Craft stores on the way!! I am thinking about going to Wal*mart too, as I always see people posting some cool stuff on the Cricut message board that they got from their local W*M. I hope the dollar can stay at almost par until then!! As long as we can get hotels that have wireless I SHOULD be able to post some pics/videos!! Anyways, I have to work late tomorrow at work, so I'm off! Hope you all have a fab day/night! xo

Sunday, May 2, 2010

what a fun NSD yesterday!!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a fun day yesterday! I only got 5 of the My Pink Stamper Challenges done yesterday, so I'm going to try and do the rest today/tomorrow. I am still going to give myself an hour to do each one, to keep it challenge. I did not get the chance to make a video, but maybe I will this week, depends if I have to work late at work or not.
Some fun news that I WON a prize at Scrappin' Great Deals!!! I went on the site to find this:

Scrappin' Great Deals

National Scrapbooking Day was a huge success!!
Over 60 prizes were given away .... congratulations to our winners!!
Karen Cramp, Sherri Reimer; Carol-Anne Muise; Carrie Vokey; Jessica Willison; Lorraine Melin; Gladys Stefkovic;
Diana Vanenderk; Lois Murray; Louise Broeders; Lucie Baril; Pat Hobbs; Jean Saunders; Barb Kys; Lori Ann Bartels; Wendy Dyson; Shelly Grose; Kathy Kerr; Sandra McNichol; Carol Brooker; Shanda Mitchell; Lisa Vaughan; Deborah Madill;
Connie Olsen; Sarah Litterick; Lynda Hayashi; Karin Vanderebt; Brenda Robinson; Karen Quinn; Diana Nagle; Shelley Feiffer; Heidi Miholics; Vicki Hsu; Krista Vantol; Joan Flanagan; Lynn Lariviere; Cheryl Wigle; Janet Boyd; Donna Taylor; Gail Lowe; Eleanor Reimer; Leslie Field; Nancy Flinn; Pat MacDonald; Kathy Bragger; Celine Combes; Brenda Gadd; Sue Strybosch;
Charline Bourque; Janine Orchard; Wendy Shepert; Villy Jonker; Em Cameron; Marg Roest; Liza Madden; Linda Willms;
Judy Kennedy; Brenda Lee; Mona Currie; Kim Howe
Grand Prize Winner of a Big Shot Machine ..... Jennifer Omstead!!
Congratulations to all of our winners!!
You will be contacted by phone/email regarding your win on Monday, May 3rd

I am super excited, I do not know what it is yet, but it says I will be contacted tomorrow. Wahoo, I LOVE that store!!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm off to look at the other challenges and to see what other people made!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

NSD Challenge #6 - "Kid's Crafts, Too " on My Pink Stamper

Hi everyone,

I'm still sort of staying afloat with these challenges, but I'm starting to get tired! This is challange #6 meaning, its been 6 hours of straight crafting (besides the hunt for my cricut blades) Anyways this challege is suppose to be done with kids, but for people like me we can use a cart with kids on it, like 'Paper Doll Dress Up' , 'Everyday Paper Dolls' 'Once Upon a Princess' etc So I made a quick card with PDDU using the mermaid on page 43, can you see I'm slowly fading! haha I think I MAY take a break to get a snack and let my Cricut cool off! *grins*
Can't wait to see what everyone came up with (or what the kiddos came up with!)

NSD Challenge #5 - "Teacher's Appreciation Days " on My Pink Stamper

I don't have a Teacher gift I need to make, so I decided to make a passport holder for someone that is always misplacing theirs. All the paper and stickers are on the inside so that they do not fall off or get dirty. This plastic case is actually what my new eyeshadow I bought yesterday came in, and it just fit really well! On to the next challenge!

NSD Challenge #4 - "I Like You the Least" on My Pink Stamper

Haha what a fun name for a challenge! This one is about a cartridge that you like the least, or just had to buy, but when you got home you were disappointed. That cart for me is "Hello Kitty" it was on everyone's 'want list' for a while and I saw lots of projects with it, so I figured I would get a lot of use from it. I bought it, brought it home, numbered the pages in the handbook, put it back in the box and never looked at it again. There are some cute images on there, but I never really got around to using them. This challenge was fun because I actually looked on the cart and saw some images I now have some ideas for. Since I already had the "puffy paint" out I decided to use it again on this project. It is really basic, but I think it will look cute at my desk at work or in my craft room to cheer me up if I'm feeling down! Thanks for looking, I'm on to the next challenge (even tho I'm already 1/2 late!!) lets see what everyone came up with!!

*my picture came out a little on the dark side, its actually a lot brighter and happier than this!!*

NSD Challenge #3 - "Thinking ouside the Box" on My Pink Stamper

Okay, so I missed out on Challenge #2 because my Cricut blade decided today was the day to be worn out! It had nothing to do with me *wink* haha So I had to go track down my replacement blades in their "safe spot" which was so safe I couldn't remember where it was! Anyways I found some of the deep cutting blades, so those will have to work until I can go to the store.

This Challenge was fun because I got to do something I do not normally do. At first I was walking around my place, thinking what the heck am I going to put on this! Then I saw coffee beans, and thought of the mug on the "Joys of the Season" cart, it all just came together after that! I decided to keep it simple and clean. The bonus of this card is that the beans are Hazelnut-vanilla flavor and my card (and craft room) smell DELICIOUS!!! I used Tulip "puffy" fabric paint to make the 'froth' on top of the mug!! Can't wait to see everyone's creations!!! xo

*I may try to do challenge #2 later if I ever catch up!!!*

NSD Challenge #1 - "Mother Dear, I Love You So" on My Pink Stamper

Here is my first challenge done! :) I worked super hard on this, and I had to move FAST as I wanted to try and get it done in an hour!! I used an idea and cut file from "Paper, Scissors, Ink" blog and then made the inside my own, with "A Walk in My Garden" Cricut cart and Stickles! A tip for making your stickles dry quick quick quick, use your heat embossing tool and just keep it far enough from your paper that the stickles do not start blowing away or around the paper! I always do this because if I don't and just leave it to dry, I end up accidentally sticking something on it or dropping it or something! haha

Hope to see Everyone's take on this Challenge and waiting for the next one!!!! :D

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!

Hi Everyone,

As it seems I always open my blog posts with "sorry I've been a bad blogger lately" I am once again sorry! Today I have a day of nothing, and the sun is shining, so its a GOOD day!! Robyn "My Pink Stamper" is having a day full of Scrapbooking/crafting fun! She is having a challenge EVERY hour, and I am participating!!  Can't make it today?? She is giving everyone until Monday to post their projects! I am going to be participating all day (besides when I go outside with the doggies, its SOOOOO Beautiful out!!!) and I am going to try and make a video as well. See you all on Robyn's site!!