Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 4

   What a CRAZY CRAZY day! My sister and I went to the Outlets just outside of Chicago and stayed there most of the day!!!! Coach handbag store was having a sale on their bags and we were LOVING it! The clearence was 50% off and then another 20% off, so I got a Beautiful $498 bag for like 70% off!! Wahoooooooooooo! I got 2 different bags, a purple one, and a simple black, I'll have to post a pic later.
 We also found another mall, and when we were looking around we found out there was a "reptile zoo" in the mall, so we checked that out. It was actually kinda cool, we saw the biggest snake in captivity in the world (its a "man-eating" snake!!!!) and a tortoise that is half an inch from being the biggest tortoise in Guinness book of world records. My camera was slowly dying, so I filmed a lot of my Flip video camera, so I will post that later.I am soooooo exhausted, I couldn't even shop anymore! I went to a LSS (local scrap store) and got a few cute sheets of 12x12 paper, mostly Jelly Bean Soup, and some Gypsy stylists for 50% off and worked out to be 3 for $6! :) We are going to be going to Hobby Lobby, we didn't realize that the farther west we go, the less Hobby Lobby's there are!! SAD!!

Well I'm exhusted, gotta crawl into bed! Have a fab day/night and thanks for stopping by!!


                                                  My Sister and the snake

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