Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 6 extras

 Today felt like a really long day, but it was also a lot of fun! We ate an awesome lunch at a place called 'Qdoba', which is a Mexican restaurant. I had a vegetarian taco salad and tortilla soup, it was YUMMY! Then we drove for a while and hit up the Dakota zoo. I kinda judged the place by the outside, but it was actually a cute little zoo. After that we thought it was all driving, but we stumbled upon "the Badlands" and it was BEAUTIFUL! It seemed to go on for miles and miles! We also saw Bison and some sort of deer, I was really impressed! After that, it was just straight driving, but we ended up driving into CRAZY CRAZY storms! I say storms because we would get through one, and go right into the next. Flashes of purple lightning that made it seem like day time, buckets of rain and crashes of thunder. It took us almost double the time to get to the hotel. The front desk ended up telling us there is a tornado warning!!! Ahhh! I'm off to bed, I'm sooo exhausted! good night!

ps: we are in Miles City, MI

Here are some pics

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  1. Hi Carrie....We all just looked at your pictures and I read your blogs to Chad...just love them...looks like you both are having lots of fun!!!
    Love you both!