Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mamma's Day!

Hi Everyone,

 Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! Hope you had a fab day!
As you may see, some things on my blog are changing, Jon bought me my domain name, so now I no longer have "blogspot" in my address. It is now just If you do, do it will re-direct you to my blog, so you can still do that. I'm going to try and change some things on my blog in the coming weeks as I learn more (thanks to Google & Youtube, and the people that take the time to make awesome videos or answer questions!!) 
  Tonight I filmed part of a new video I have in store. I will have it up sometime this week. It has something to do with paint, and so I have to wait for it to dry before doing the next part, so it won't be done until this week. Hopefully I can start having a video a week and go from there. The hardest part about the video making is not the actually filming, its the editing afterwords (or when the dogs start barking mid-way through and mess me all up!)
Anyways, hope you all had a great day, I'm off to scrub this pink paint off my hands! Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love!

ps: Trying to go a little 'green' this year?! Try this website: vinegarworkswonders I love using it instead of harsh chemicals, especially for windows! :)

wondering about the new Cricut Carts for June?!? Patty just posted some pics on her blog, check them out! The deer on 'Cindy loo' is so cute, and the 'freshly picked' looks like fun!

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