Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hi Y'all!


I got some stuff in the mail yesterday, my new CRICUT GYPSY from Oh My Crafts (woop woop!), and the C.C Designs Spring Stamp kit from All That Scraps ! I will have lots of stuff to play with this weekend now! I'm getting the hang of the Gypsy, and thankfully there are so many nice people on YouTube making awesome videos showing how to use it! I brought it on the subway/bus to & from work to break up my time and it helps a lot, AND I am learning!!
  Some other fun news is that on the long weekend I am going with one of my Sisters to the USA for a few days (IF she gets her passport on time, fingers crossed!!!!) AND you ALL are coming with ME!! (well through photos and videos!!) She is moving from Ontario to B.C so I am going to fly to Ontario and then we are going to drive all through the states instead of Canada. I am hoping that Hobby Lobby & Joanne's will have some coupons online, as I want to do some shopping there! My Sis supports my Crafting obsession/addiction, so she said we can stop wherever and see if there are any Craft stores on the way!! I am thinking about going to Wal*mart too, as I always see people posting some cool stuff on the Cricut message board that they got from their local W*M. I hope the dollar can stay at almost par until then!! As long as we can get hotels that have wireless I SHOULD be able to post some pics/videos!! Anyways, I have to work late tomorrow at work, so I'm off! Hope you all have a fab day/night! xo

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