Saturday, May 22, 2010

The trip has begun! Day 1&2 in Ont!

I may have flown with Westjet....

   So yesterday I worked until 1 pm, got home, put my last few things together and took off to the airport. It was a bit hectic because of the long weekend, but I made it to my gate just as the plane was boarding (okay, so maybe it was last call because I thought I had more time, but it was still boarding! *hehehe*). We were really delayed due to the turbulence we went through. It got pretty scary there for a while, the Captain came on the speaker saying that it was going to be a rough ride (oh joy!) But I made it safe and sound. For any of you who have been to the Toronto airport can feel my pain when I say I HATE the baggage claim!! AHHHHHHHH! How it works is that you have to claim your bags before you can see anyone from the general public i.e: your ride that has been waiting for your delayed flight to come in.
Problem is, the luggage took like 1/2 hour before it started to come down, so I had to stand there for half an hour not knowing if my ride (my Bro) was standing on the other side of the wall waiting for me, or wondering if I actually made the flight! I understand it is for security reasons, but they could at least have some clear glass windows so I could look out and wave! haha well thats enough ranting for me!
  So far my trip has been AWESOME! Stayed at My Bro & SIL place that night with my cute little niece "M" and Nephew "B" and then drove with them from Oakville to London. We put together all the food for the bbq (my SIL was AMAZING!!! She rocks!) and had a great bbq party for one of my Sister's who just finished University. It was great, got to see lots of the fam jam and just hang out!
Any who, I'm EXHUSTED, so I'm off to bed. Here are a few quick pics I took. My sis and I leave tomorrow for the states! Woop woop! Hopefully I can update tomorrow, as long as we go somewhere with internet! My Blackberry won't let me sign into my website :(

have a fab night everyone and hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

much love!

My "spoork" and snacks. I need to throw out all my spoons and forks and just get some of these bad boys!
The flat Prairies and whip cream clouds
A blurry pic of Toronto as we were landing

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