Sunday, May 2, 2010

what a fun NSD yesterday!!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a fun day yesterday! I only got 5 of the My Pink Stamper Challenges done yesterday, so I'm going to try and do the rest today/tomorrow. I am still going to give myself an hour to do each one, to keep it challenge. I did not get the chance to make a video, but maybe I will this week, depends if I have to work late at work or not.
Some fun news that I WON a prize at Scrappin' Great Deals!!! I went on the site to find this:

Scrappin' Great Deals

National Scrapbooking Day was a huge success!!
Over 60 prizes were given away .... congratulations to our winners!!
Karen Cramp, Sherri Reimer; Carol-Anne Muise; Carrie Vokey; Jessica Willison; Lorraine Melin; Gladys Stefkovic;
Diana Vanenderk; Lois Murray; Louise Broeders; Lucie Baril; Pat Hobbs; Jean Saunders; Barb Kys; Lori Ann Bartels; Wendy Dyson; Shelly Grose; Kathy Kerr; Sandra McNichol; Carol Brooker; Shanda Mitchell; Lisa Vaughan; Deborah Madill;
Connie Olsen; Sarah Litterick; Lynda Hayashi; Karin Vanderebt; Brenda Robinson; Karen Quinn; Diana Nagle; Shelley Feiffer; Heidi Miholics; Vicki Hsu; Krista Vantol; Joan Flanagan; Lynn Lariviere; Cheryl Wigle; Janet Boyd; Donna Taylor; Gail Lowe; Eleanor Reimer; Leslie Field; Nancy Flinn; Pat MacDonald; Kathy Bragger; Celine Combes; Brenda Gadd; Sue Strybosch;
Charline Bourque; Janine Orchard; Wendy Shepert; Villy Jonker; Em Cameron; Marg Roest; Liza Madden; Linda Willms;
Judy Kennedy; Brenda Lee; Mona Currie; Kim Howe
Grand Prize Winner of a Big Shot Machine ..... Jennifer Omstead!!
Congratulations to all of our winners!!
You will be contacted by phone/email regarding your win on Monday, May 3rd

I am super excited, I do not know what it is yet, but it says I will be contacted tomorrow. Wahoo, I LOVE that store!!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm off to look at the other challenges and to see what other people made!


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