Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi Everyone,

   Sorry I haven't been posting, came down with a nasty stomach virus that landed me in the ER. 4 bags of iv, a bag of gravol (I think) another bag of some sort of other meds, a needle in each hip, a few pills and about 8 hrs in a hospital bed later and I was sent home. Turns out I was very dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down, and just keep going down hill. Thank God I have amazing friends that brought me to and from the hospital since Jon is away working. I've been off work the last 2 days, and have managed to eat half a bowl of tomato soup, a handful of crackers, and a little bit of veggie broth. Anyways, I'm slowing getting better, but something like that can really knock you off your feet! I'm almost scared to eat, as I don't want a repeat of what happened, but know if I don't I won't get any better! Anyway, as I start to get better I'll start working on more projects again. OhMyCrafts has some awesome deals on their carts right now, if you need a coupon code let me know! Some of their carts are now $20 with a coupon, like Paisley, Destinations etc not just the old carts that always go on sale. I ordered a few because I would never get a deal like that here in Canada, even the place I usually buy them from always sells for $30 and even with shipping these were way less. Make sure to pick the other shipping rates to get the cheapest shipping, and read the flat rate shipping rules to maximize your order.

I'm off to lay down, and hopefully try work tomorrow (or at least make an appearance), I hope everyone is in good health and enjoying the summer weather!

Much Love! xo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

oh how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mall of America Shark tanks

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick video I edited of the Under water exhibit in the Mall of America. My Sister Mel and I checked it out while traveling through the States and it was pretty cool. My favorite part was the jelly fish! I already showed a lot of the pics on this blog, but also wanted to show the video. Enjoy!

*If the video does not fit on the screen, double click to go to my Youtube channel and see it in full screen! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Altering my ATG gun

I filmed this about a month back, but just got to editing it. If it doesn't fit on the screen, just double click to go to YouTube. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cricut Circle....whats your thoughts??


 For all you Cricut lovers out there that are involved on Cricut.com you probably received an email (check your junk mail, that's where mine was!) from Cricut inviting you to be part of the Circle. I got mine and was super excited because I had been waiting for a while to see what it was going to be! I could hardly stand the wait as I clicked the email and watched it load. If I could have shared the look on my face when I read how much it was...well lets just say I'd be $100,000 richer on America's Funniest Home videos! Lets say my face went from pure joy to deep disappointment in about 1 second! $274.99 per Year or $79.99 per Quarter!! I knew there would be a price, but I figured it would be $50-$75 or a high ball price of $100 max! The benefits of  paying in full/being a member are:
*exclusive member's only cart(s)
*welcome kit
*extra reward points
*additional 10% off
*weekly drawing ($25)
*member's only charm bracelet
*membership certificate.

Well that's my thoughts, let me know what you think and if you are going to join or not.

As for other crafty things, I am working on a flower ball made with the mums from SVG cuts, its LOTS and LOTS of work but I think it will look awesome!

Take care everyone! xo

**After Note: Okay, so I have been reading the message board and looking at what other people have to say. I am now really really leaning towards it!! My reasons so far are these:

*Since the carts are exclusive, if I don't like one of them I can always sell it on Ebay for top dollar (and probably pay for some of my membership) because they will be hot hot hot!(although I'd probably end up keeping it! haha)

*The bonus points that you get rewarded if you pay in full are equal to 1 cricut cart on the cricut rewards site, so thats another Cricut cart you get

*Canadians have been asking about shipping and Provo Craft will be looking into it (This was a BIG concern for me)

* There are suppose to be plans to bring some craft shows/events Canadians can participate in to Canada! I really hope so!

*There may be even more exclusive things we do not know about coming out for members only


So I haven't bought a membership yet, but still considering, I'll let you know the final verdict! :)

-Carrie xo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I need a slappin'!!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth yet! I'm just being a bad blogger because I have been so tired and ill last week. I have lots of pictures and videos on my camera that still needs to be uploaded, which I will do over the next few weeks. My Brother flew in yesterday for the day while he was on his way to the UFC fights in BC, so it was really great to hang out with him! He can be freaking hilarious sometimes, and I had a few good laughs! I actually have NOTHING planned for this weekend but walk the pups and do some overdue crafting (yay!) so it will be nice to just relax, I don't even have to clean the house or my craft room!! (double yay!) I'm off to try and get a good nights sleep. If you get a second be sure to check out the 24 new carts coming out for the Cricut. Robyn (my Pink Stamper) has them all listed on her blog and will be doing projects with them, check them out!! And if your not into crafts and Cricut, check out this artful way of making pancakes (and getting your 3 year old to eat them!) I am impressed with some of his projects. The website is called Jim's Pancakes and he is very talented! Scroll down his website to see all the different designs!!

Have a fab day/night

much love!

ps: if anyone watches the Shaytards on youtube, Mommytard  (Katilette) had the baby. You can see pics on Shay's Twitter (you don't need an account to see them, I don't have one)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Pink Stamper Challenge

   Here is a quick picture I took on my phone for My Pink Stamper Father's day challenge to win a Cricut Expression!! Its a super simple little card, I didn't have much time to make it, so I kept it is really basic! Good luck to everyone, can't wait for the winner to be announced! :)

contest closes in 4 hrs 50 mins!! :)

Back to the real world

   I'm back to work and back to real life. I've been sooo tired I haven't been able to come on here and update my posts or add pictures. I miss placed my card reader in the mess of stuff I brought home, so I will upload my pics as soon as I find it! I was scrambling around trying to find it this morning, but no luck :(  I will go on the hunt tonight to find it, because I have some pics of the snow storm we went through, as well as the Calgary Zoo.

Have a fab day!