Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cricut Circle....whats your thoughts??


 For all you Cricut lovers out there that are involved on you probably received an email (check your junk mail, that's where mine was!) from Cricut inviting you to be part of the Circle. I got mine and was super excited because I had been waiting for a while to see what it was going to be! I could hardly stand the wait as I clicked the email and watched it load. If I could have shared the look on my face when I read how much it was...well lets just say I'd be $100,000 richer on America's Funniest Home videos! Lets say my face went from pure joy to deep disappointment in about 1 second! $274.99 per Year or $79.99 per Quarter!! I knew there would be a price, but I figured it would be $50-$75 or a high ball price of $100 max! The benefits of  paying in full/being a member are:
*exclusive member's only cart(s)
*welcome kit
*extra reward points
*additional 10% off
*weekly drawing ($25)
*member's only charm bracelet
*membership certificate.

Well that's my thoughts, let me know what you think and if you are going to join or not.

As for other crafty things, I am working on a flower ball made with the mums from SVG cuts, its LOTS and LOTS of work but I think it will look awesome!

Take care everyone! xo

**After Note: Okay, so I have been reading the message board and looking at what other people have to say. I am now really really leaning towards it!! My reasons so far are these:

*Since the carts are exclusive, if I don't like one of them I can always sell it on Ebay for top dollar (and probably pay for some of my membership) because they will be hot hot hot!(although I'd probably end up keeping it! haha)

*The bonus points that you get rewarded if you pay in full are equal to 1 cricut cart on the cricut rewards site, so thats another Cricut cart you get

*Canadians have been asking about shipping and Provo Craft will be looking into it (This was a BIG concern for me)

* There are suppose to be plans to bring some craft shows/events Canadians can participate in to Canada! I really hope so!

*There may be even more exclusive things we do not know about coming out for members only


So I haven't bought a membership yet, but still considering, I'll let you know the final verdict! :)

-Carrie xo

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