Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi Everyone,

   Sorry I haven't been posting, came down with a nasty stomach virus that landed me in the ER. 4 bags of iv, a bag of gravol (I think) another bag of some sort of other meds, a needle in each hip, a few pills and about 8 hrs in a hospital bed later and I was sent home. Turns out I was very dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down, and just keep going down hill. Thank God I have amazing friends that brought me to and from the hospital since Jon is away working. I've been off work the last 2 days, and have managed to eat half a bowl of tomato soup, a handful of crackers, and a little bit of veggie broth. Anyways, I'm slowing getting better, but something like that can really knock you off your feet! I'm almost scared to eat, as I don't want a repeat of what happened, but know if I don't I won't get any better! Anyway, as I start to get better I'll start working on more projects again. OhMyCrafts has some awesome deals on their carts right now, if you need a coupon code let me know! Some of their carts are now $20 with a coupon, like Paisley, Destinations etc not just the old carts that always go on sale. I ordered a few because I would never get a deal like that here in Canada, even the place I usually buy them from always sells for $30 and even with shipping these were way less. Make sure to pick the other shipping rates to get the cheapest shipping, and read the flat rate shipping rules to maximize your order.

I'm off to lay down, and hopefully try work tomorrow (or at least make an appearance), I hope everyone is in good health and enjoying the summer weather!

Much Love! xo

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