Monday, July 12, 2010

Jon's work trip to Aklavic (aka the far far North)

Hi Everyone!

 So I'm back, FINALLY! I went through a bit of a 'rough patch' there for a while, turns out I had Novovirus!! It a pretty nasty virus, and I don't ever, ever (did I mention EVER) want to go through that again! When I was at the hospital, there were 14 other people admitted for it, and it practically shut down the children's hospital in Calgary! I hope that this finds YOU and your loved ones in much better health!
  So Jon just got back from his work trip in Aklavic, North West Territories and I wanted to share a few of his pictures (as my life has not been at all exciting lately)
The mosquitoes were 'kinda bad' 

The plane

Up close and personal with the pilot


so flat!

 I think it is awesome that he got to experience all of this! I've lived in Canada all my life and have never had the chance to venture this far North! The community only has about 600 people, food and necessities must be flown in, barged in, or taken over the ice roads in the winter. Residents do a lot of hunting for moose, caribous and bears. Food is expensive there; a big bag of chips and a can of pop can run you $6-$7, so they are definitely considered 'treats'!!! Jon didn't get to spend much time in the community as he worked long hours, but from what he did experience, and tell me, its definitely much, much different then living in a big city, town or even community  (and I grew up in a town of maybe 300, but had access to a big city less than an hour away!!) Anyways, glad I could share a little with you as I love to share travel stories and pictures (as you may have noticed from my USA trip! hehe) On July 25th, we are headed to Newfoundland, so of course you all are coming along too! (well though my blog anyways!!) I am excited to show you guys where I grew up, or at least the surrounding towns! Well I'm off for now, I have some exciting news to share later, but for now I'll keep you in suspense!! Lets just say my awesome friend Patsy is going to be doing something amazing that I will soon get to share with all of you, so stay tuned for that!! I'm 'bursting at the seams!" hehe :D

Hope all is well with everyone!

Much Love! xo

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