Thursday, July 1, 2010

Serpent Safari

    One of my Sister's and I stumbled upon this 'safari' while shopping at the Gurnee Mills Mall in Illinois. It was actually very cool to see, and we learned a lot. Our 'tour guide' was fabulous and REALLY knew her stuff! If you are not into snakes, crocs and other cold blooded creatures, then this is not the video for you! haha If you don't mind, then watch, you may just learn a thing or two! I had about 40+ mins of video, but due to YouTube rules, had to cut it down to less than 10 mins! So there is a lot missing, and a few displays had to be cut out because of the time. I tried to keep as much as I could, and make it all come together and make sense! If you are ever in the Gurnee, Illinois area you should check this place out, its very low key and lots of fun!

*if the video appears to be too small on my site, just double click it and it will bring you to Youtube and you can watch it in full screen! :)

                                                      Check out their website here        

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