Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Having a WHALE of a time in Newfoundland!!

 Hi Everyone!!

   So blogging this trip did not really go as planned. One of my Best Friends "S" ended up in the hospital, so I spent a few days there with her. We had lots of laughs and it was just like old times, just in a hospital bed! haha! She is out for now, but still not well, so please send warm thoughts and prayers her way!
  After that we went WHALE WATCHING! It was a thrilling and amazing experience! We were so lucky because we were told there had not been whales out for over a week, and when we got there, we saw almost 30 Humpbacks! My only disappointment is that I picked up a new pack of batteries and when I put them in my Flip video camera they didn't work, said they were dead(and they were brand name too)!! Of course that was the time that a Humpback came right to the end of the boat and popped up! Luckily though, Jon came to my rescue and took a few snapshots with my camera! I was so happy when I found out that he got the shots and that you can actually SEE the whale! haha I will be putting those pics up when I get back to Edmonton!!
  After that excitement we packed our gear and headed out to Carmenville (Outside of Gander, NL) Jon's Grandparents live there, and were having a family reunion for their 50th wedding anniversary! Family had flown all over(Fort Mcmurray, Ottawa, Russia) to get together, so it was great to see everyone! I spent a lot of time with his cousins playing botchie ball (I think that's what its called) and fishing for connors (a type of fish) and crabs. We caught a bunch of crabs with the fishing pole, but of course put them back! I took some pictures of that as well that I will be sharing!
  Last night we headed to George Street for "George Fest" to see Blue Rodeo. It was a great show, the only downside was that it was pouring, and I mean POURING down rain! I got a few snapshots (not many) and a few videos (found out after that apparently you are not suppose to tape, I don't know if that's true or not as I never heard it announced and there were no signs. I was going around videoing everything and no one said anything to me!!)
  Today we are just hanging out and going to get some souvenirs and what not. We have been getting emails from the dog's sitters and apparently they are doing pretty good. Milo was having a few accidents and being a little more hyper than usual, but getting along with everyone. I was surprised and excited to hear that Mia even went into the water a bit to cool off (she NEVER does that) and was being her old self and sniffing all the flowers! That dog appreciates a nice smelling flower! haaha

   Well I'm signing off now, but will be back to add pictures tomorrow and to start editing videos. If you could please do me a HUGE favor, PLEASE check out this facebook page: ---> Myles off Track <----- and "like" it! It is a pilot project a great friend of mine is working on, and any support is GREATLY appreciated! I mentioned it before in another blog post, but now the site is officially up and running!! Tell everyone you know, this is going to be an epic project! Comment are appreciated as well!! Thanks for your support!

Much love! xo

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