Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poor neglected blog :(

   I am ashamed to say that this is only post 3 of the month :( my poor, poor neglected blog! I have been working lots of overtime at work, and just have not had the chance to update nor do much crafting. I am working on a few paper projects for "Myles Off Track" and also looking into schools to apply for next year! I have finally decided that I would really like to go to school for Photography. I wanted to go to school for Vet Tech, but I just know I will never be able to stand in on surgeries or put down animals (especially if its for sad reasons like no room, or someone doesn't want them anymore) I just know that I can not do it, my heart would break. Instead I have decided to go into Photography and hopefully later start a fund for some of these animals! I also figure I can volunteer at the SPCA or Humane Society to get my fix (and probably come home with 3 more animals!! haha) and take pictures of animals. Also I figure that if later I go volunteer at a camp for kids or orphanage in a third world country, I can take pictures while I am there of both people & animals! Now its just saving every penny I earn, not being ashamed to dig in couches for change, and watching my dollars and I should be GOOD TO GO!  Any Photographers out there with tips? ANY are greatly appreciated it! :)

  Also, Robyn at My Pink Stamper is having an AMAZING contest, you could win a CRICUT EXPRESSION!! WAHOOOO If I win I really want to give the Expression to my MOM! She is a Foster Parent and I think she could really use it to do "Life Books" for and with the kiddos she has come through her house! (its like a Scrapbook) We live very far away from each other, so she doesn't get to use mine :( My Mom is very creative, and although she doesn't show it much, she is very artistic too (i've seen her paper doodles!) I think if her and an Expression machine paired up, it would be a perfect match! :) hehe I hope we win, but of not, than I hope its YOU!! So jump on over there and check it out (& grab her new blinkie!)!!
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much love! xo

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