Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Candy- $30 to Scrappin Great Deals

****Blog candy for  $15  $30 at Scrappin Great Deals!!!**********

Hi Everyone,

   Sorry this post is a little late, I got tied up with work 'stuff" anyways, as promised, for having 2222 hits I am having blog candy! Since I have had trouble with mailing packages in the past, and I am going to be away a lot in Oct, I am going to do an email blog candy. Sounds weird right?!? WELL whoever wins, will get a $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO SCRAPPIN GREAT DEALS sent to their email provided!! Almost ALL of my stamping stuff, Copics, embellishments, and papers are from there, so I want to share! Also, they do International shipping, so anyone can be part of the contest!! If you live in Ontario, and near the London area, even better because you can go to the store in person! Next blog candy I will do a package up, but lets see how this one goes this time!!

UPDATE: Scrappin Great Deals has decided to sponsor this blog candy!!! Wow how awesome is that store! I got the email this morning and couldn't believe it!!! SOOO since they are sponsoring this, I am still going to add my $15 as well, so the grand total of the prize is now $30!! Wahoo do you know how many goodies you could get with that!!!

Just leave a comment under THIS post with a way of getting a hold of you (link to your blog, your Google user name, email etc) Or you can simply check back on October 12 to see who the winner is (Don't forget!!) If you are leaving your email, please write it like this example; would be "youremailathotmaildotcom"  That way we won't have problems with spammers! Just write out the @ and the . (period) I know that a lot of Bloggers that have contests have this problem. Sorry for making it difficult! For a second chance, subscribe to my blog!

  Thanks for stopping by!
   <3 - Carrie & Her Doggies!

*Image is from Scrappin Great Deals website, I do not own this image

2222 Hits on my blog!

I am on my break at work and went on here to find that I have 2222 Hits! Wow!! I "print screened" to share and I'm thinking I need to do a little blog contest for this! I'm going to go home and see what I come up with tonight! Thanks to everyone for the support, and for checking into my blog, I love it!!!

Much Love Carrie, Mia & Milo!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My cheap Cricut Carts from OMC came!!

Its a good day....why?....because my box of Cricut Carts came today of course!! :) Remember a little while back I posted about Oh My Crafts having an amazing deal on their cartridges? Well mine arrived & I can not wait to get the time to play with them.
  I had been looking at Mini Monsters & Freshly Picked for a while, but they were at $47.99 and I just can NOT afford that, BUT then they had a SUPER deal on and the carts were all $22 each PLUS 20% off!! :O GASP! I scooped up all of these carts and decided if I end up not liking any of them, I could still easily sell them! I did blow my crafting budget for the next 2 months, but that's okay! haha I got 7 carts for almost the regular price at Michaels (their reg price is $119 + tax I think , I've NEVER purchased one from there)
  My advice is to check Oh My Crafts every now and again, because sometimes they put on a sale, but don't announce it right away. There is an option on the top right when you go into the Cricut carts to see the carts in an order of "low to high price" I always do this that way you don't miss the sales! :)

:) Hope you all are having a great day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thanksgiving centerpiece

Hi All!

   Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so I am starting to make crafts for our Family dinner. This year my Sister "D" & Nephew "C" are flying in from Newfoundland, so ALL of my sibling and I (there are 4 of us) plus my parents & Nephews & Niece will be together in the first time in YEARS & YEARS! I've seen all of them individually, but my Sis "D" lives farthest away with her own family (my BIL & Nephew) so I don't get to see her as often. This year we are having our Thanksgiving dinner, and I am of course (as usual) doing the decorating/crafting (and probably a bit of the baking and cooking too)! I can't wait to get to Ontario to shop for some real gourds and pumpkins as well!(there are awesome farms by my Parent's place)
  Here is a centerpiece I made for the table;
I started with plastic pumpkins, gourds & a circle of leaves that is suppose to be for candle decoration from the Dollarstore
Next I glued the pumpkins & gourds to the leaves

Next I took a bunch of different coloured plastic flowers I found at Walmart for $1.49 and spread them out. Then I carefully put them all together so that all the colours were spread out & not bunched up. Very easy to do, and you can even bend flowers down to make them the correct sizes.
Then I put it in a glass vase I found at Walmart for $2 and added a bag of green glass stones I found on clearance at Michael's.  For a last touch I added a few mini pumpkins, corn & berries I found on sticks at the Dollar store.

Top view
 Total costs for this project: approx $17 with leftovers I can use for other projects! I am actually very happy with the way it turned out and it can easily be taken apart and stored for next year. I saw small centerpieces at Walmart that started at $25 plus!

 Hope this inspires you to start your Fall crafting!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Pink Stamper hit 5 million hits!

  Hi Everyone!

  Robyn over at My Pink Stamper hit 5 million hits on her blog and she is having a celebration!! YaY!! Head on over to her site to check out her posts, prizes and challenges. I am going to be participating in the challenges once I get home from work (I am on break right now! hehe) I need a good boot in the bottom to get back on the crafting train, so this is a great way! Check out her first challenge to use a cart with bird(s) on it. 
    Last weekend I also made a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, I just haven't had enough time to post it this week. I am going to my parents for Thanksgiving and all my sibling & niece and nephews will be there, so I want to have lots of fun decorations! I'll be posting that this week!

   Gotta go back to work!


*picture is from Robyn's blog

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home-made pasta like Mama's

I love my Mom's pasta, but since I don't live close I have to make my own. I took my Mom's old recipe and added my own twist to it. I usually make it different every time, depending what I have I have in the house. Here is what I made this time;

Start by cutting and cleaning out 2 small squashes

Lay flesh down on a tin foil covered pan with approximate 2 table spoons of water on the bottom. set oven to 375• and bake for about 30 mins or until skins Start to shrivel or edges become golden.
While that's baking, chop a onion (white or yellow)

Into small chunks and add to heated pan with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Let cook for about 5 mins, tossing occasionally.
Next chop up whatever veggies you have on hand; in this case I had zucchini, peppers & tomatoes. I have also added other yummy veggies in the past such as: mushrooms, celery, eggplant, carrot, corn or baby corn, etc first start with the veggies that take the longest ie: the zucchini

Slice and add to pan along with chopped garlic ( I always use the tub from Costco as per another post)

I love garlic so I HEAP it on!!!

Mix together and let that simmer for a few minutes.

Next chop up hot peppers, sweet pepper and tomato. Stir and let simmer again for about 5-7 minutes

While this is simmering, open a can of diced tomatoes and add 1 teaspoon of sugar and let sit for a few minutes. The sugar cuts down on the acidic tomatoes and helps the taste not be so tart.

Once your squash is done, peel it;

Than chunk it and add it to veggie mix. Some people do not roast there's first, and peel or cut peel off when raw, that is WAY to hard for me, I do it the easy way :)

After adding squash, add canned tomatoes (that had sugar added) and mix. Let simmer for a few minutes again. Add fresh basil or dry if you don't have fresh (about a teaspoon) and optional sea salt and pepper

Next add in your favourite sauce; mine is by far Classico. I usually use the "spicy red pepper" but didn't have any left, so red wine it is! Their "vodka sauce" is super good too, my Bro and SIL (Sis-in-law) got me on that one!
I like to let the mixture simmer on low heat for at least an hour, that way all the flavors really mix well.

With about 20 minutes of cooking time left, I grate fresh parm cheese and cook the noodles

Than once it's all cooked, add cheese, sauce and noodles and you have some goooooood eats! If you like your food spicy, add more peppers, chilly flakes, or hot sauce! Yum yum!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saddle up!

Hi Everyone!

  Today Jon took me out horseback riding! We thought it was going to rain, but ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day. It was a little windy, but we took the horses into the deep woods, so didn't even notice! My horse's name was "Thunder" and I know why he wasn't named Lighting, lol he was one slow fellow. In a lot of ways we had the same personality traits; he made up his own mind where he wanted to go, even when I was hauling on his reins with all my might to go another way he just knew what he wanted! He was extremely laid back and didn't care what other people or horses around him were doing, he had other things on his mind. He stopped for little "snacks" all the time, even when I was trying to get him going! He was cautious when he went down hills, and took his time so that he won't slip and I won't fall off. In all he was a fun horse and I loved that he had his own little personality! At first I was a little nervous because he won't stop huffing and puffing, but turns out the bugs were bothering his poor dark eyes so bad! Once we got deeper into the woods, he seemed to be a lot better (probably has to do with running into all the bushes he made me go through when I won't let him eat, I think that got rid of all the flies!)  It was an hour ride and it was just so peaceful! The only problem we had was when Jon's horse (which was behind me), out of no where, decided to canter as I was descending down a steep, slippy hill! I pretty much was screaming "WHOAHHHHHHHH. whoa, whoaaaaaaaa!" hahaha and pulling on my horse as had as possible, as he thought he needed to start running down the hill! We got them under control quickly, which was good! I think something may have spooked Jon's horse, but who knows for sure! It is a great story to remember though! hahah I'll leave you will a few pictures of our fun day! We couldn't take many pics while riding as the paths were rugged! Hope you all had a great day too! Horsey nudges <3
It was just beautiful!

after the ride, had to pin my hair because it was soo windy coming back

Best Friends! <3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My new Cricut Storage

Hi Crafters!

  Today I wanted to show you my new Cricut storage. I spent a long time going through Google, people's blogs, stores etc to find a system that I liked. I really like the Scrapcessories Cricut Caddy, but when I looked into buying them, and found them on Custom Crops, I couldn't believe the price! $14.99 (plus shipping!) a container and they only hold 8 carts and 8 overlays and booklets. That is fine if you  8-16 carts, but I have 40...thats $75 plus shipping to store my carts!! *GASP* I could buy at least 2 new carts with that kind of money. Its a great idea, but at this point, WAY too expensive.
  So I kept searching and I found some great ideas using sewing canvas, and I really liked that idea, but I went to Walmart and they didn't carry any of it. So I figured I'd go to the "fishing" department and look at the tackle boxes. I ended up finding an AWESOME deal (I love deals!!) A PLANO stowaway box (model 2-3700) While searching online I saw people mention this brand, but it was for a different system. It was only about $5.50 at Walmart so I was set!
I wanted to be able to read what carts were stored easily, but I couldn't get my label-er to work so I had to figure out another plan. I had a bit of a "Blonde moment" (I am actually Blonde lol) and wrote all the names with a Sharpie on the top. Well when I finished, I tried to close it and they were a tiny bit too big! All I could do is laugh at myself, this is why I am not an engineer or something hahaha So Jon came over and moved around the plastic slots for me and got them to fit perfectly on their sides. So my next project is to label the sides, but I think this time I'll wait until I can get my label-er working again! I learned my lesson!!
  I put two upright to show you what I mean. If you only have a few carts you can also lay them flat and you will be able to see all of them. I organize them by font cartridges, shape carts, disney/character & holiday. That way they are in quick reach and easy to find, with lots of room to add to my collection! hahah

   For my booklets and overlays I used the exact same system I use for all of my Cuttlebug folders. I bought the containers from Ikea in the "Kitchen" section. They are called KRUS 2(2) 9x7x5" this is the biggest size they have at my Ikea, there are also smaller ones as well, but they do not work for this. They are about $8 each, a little pricey, but work really well and the clear lid is an added bonus.

I used the Tabbed Folder Svg from Heather's blog you can find *here* You have to play with the sizes a bit depending how high you want the tab to stick out. Right now I have them as folders, but I may end up cutting the front parts off and just use it as a divider with the tabs because it will save a little room. I organize these in alphabet, font, character/Disney & shape carts to keep it organized. I also keep a few extras empty in case I get more.

  So far I really like this storage, and it is easy to put away and bring out when I need. I am going to eventually put a paper in the front naming what carts overlays & booklets are in the containers just to make it even easier.  In total, this system approx cost me about $30(1 cart box & 3 overlay boxes) with lots of room to add almost double the carts! What systems do you use? Hope this helps someone!

Happy Organizing!!  :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cricut Cart Sale


 Just wanted to quicky share that Oh My Crafts has LOTS of carts on for $22.22 plus 10% off (use LABOR10 for the code) Not sure how long the sale will last, but check it out!!

-------------------->Click here to find sale<---------------------

check out their FLAT RATE SHIPPING costs on teh left side bar to get the best deal. I made 2 different orders to get the best deal! ;)

where do I sign up for that?

    Anyone remember that credit card/ banking commercial where they simply blow all the numbers off of their bills and become debt free? I WANT THAT! I tried to find a YouTube video to jog everyone's memory, but had no luck, sorry!
    I'm looking into Schools for Photography and WOW they are expensive! There is a school in Vancouver, Canada (only one province away from me) that is 1 year and the tution is...get sure you want to hear this......almost $30,000.00!!! *FALLS ON FLOOR* That is without living costs, eating, or equipment! I could not believe it! When all said and done, I am looking at $50,000.00+ in cost for 1 *ONE* year of schooling! The school is world known, and apparently the program is AMAZING but how does one afford such a thing? I mean I would have to save for YEARS and still have to take out a line of credit and apply for EVERY grant, scholarship, award etc that is available!!  If I won the lottery then I could look into it, but for now I'll just scratch my head and try and figure out something else
  Just a quick post about my SHOCK! haha Back to the real world for now I guess! Hope you are all having a FAB day/night!!

Much Love & Luck


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My updated list for finding free SVGs


  To all you crafters out there that have "Sure Cuts a Lot" I know you probably search like crazy finding awesome free SVGS for the Cricut right?!? Well I have spend HOURS looking for the perfect websites, blogs etc that have great SVGS. I've made a list of my favorites that I have "Book Marked" on my computer that I would like to share. The creators of these SVGs are amazing and VERY generous! Some of these do svgs on a regular basis, others on occasion, but usually all have other fun craft ideas to show as well. I'm sure there are LOTS of sites still waiting to be found, but here are my top favorites at the moment (in no particular order!);

1. PAPER YOGA (she hasn't updated since March, but the ones she does have on her blog are GREAT!)

2. Paper, Scissors, Ink - lots of fun and fresh ideas and svgs

3. Scrapcation Getaway

4. Paper This and That - pretty sure she is the one that made a "Bow-Easy" svg template!

5. Creating in Carolina- I always get a weird "adobe" error message, but I just press "ok" and have NEVER had a problem. I LOVE this lady's work!! So cute!

6. The Lady Wolf- WOW she is talented. She usually takes colouring pages from the web and makes them into awesome SVGs! She hasn't updated in a few days, but usually they are "daily free SVGs"! Got to LOVE it!

7. Denise's Scrapbooking Room - Her stuff is Hit or Miss with me, but may be the taste of others!

8. Mardenz- WOW WOW WOW, this lady is BEYOND talented! If you haven't already seen her files, head over there right away, you will be AMAZED! She does lots of character and movie svgs which I LOVE!

9. Scale-Files- He hasn't updated in a while, but is work is awesome, so be sure to check his "older posts" for lots of SVGs

10. Crafters Edge-Sure Cuts a Lot forum- I love searching through this and finding awesome Svgs. There is a LOT of talent on this forum, so check back regularly!

Well folks, that is my "Top 10" FAVE free Svg websites at the moment. If you have any to add let me know, as I am always in need of a good free SVG fix! hehe If any of the links do not work or misdirect you, please leave a comment right away and I will fix the problem ASAP!
Thanks for stopping by, happy free SVG hunting!! :) :)


*I do not own the "free" image, it was found using Google off the website no copyright infringement intended 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Updated list of my Cricut Carts


   I just wanted to post a list of my updated carts to share with friends, and if anyone has any questions about them. I am making some cuts for a lady and e-mailed her my list, so since I had it all typed up, I'd figure I'd post it for everyone. I will also be sharing my new storage for my carts and booklets this week (which are in order). Here are my carts in NO particular order;


  I watch for deals on Oh My Crafts (I've gotten amazing deals for full cartridges at $19.99!!) and also my local Kijji, there is a lady that sometime sells new carts for $30!! If anyone knows of other places for great deals (besides Ebay) than let me know and I will post it! The problem I have with Ebay is that I can sometimes get a good deal, but them the shipping to Canada is crazy, so the cart no longer is worth it. 

  Thanks for stopping by!

-C & her D's :)