Monday, September 27, 2010

My cheap Cricut Carts from OMC came!!

Its a good day....why?....because my box of Cricut Carts came today of course!! :) Remember a little while back I posted about Oh My Crafts having an amazing deal on their cartridges? Well mine arrived & I can not wait to get the time to play with them.
  I had been looking at Mini Monsters & Freshly Picked for a while, but they were at $47.99 and I just can NOT afford that, BUT then they had a SUPER deal on and the carts were all $22 each PLUS 20% off!! :O GASP! I scooped up all of these carts and decided if I end up not liking any of them, I could still easily sell them! I did blow my crafting budget for the next 2 months, but that's okay! haha I got 7 carts for almost the regular price at Michaels (their reg price is $119 + tax I think , I've NEVER purchased one from there)
  My advice is to check Oh My Crafts every now and again, because sometimes they put on a sale, but don't announce it right away. There is an option on the top right when you go into the Cricut carts to see the carts in an order of "low to high price" I always do this that way you don't miss the sales! :)

:) Hope you all are having a great day!

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