Saturday, September 4, 2010

My new Cricut Storage

Hi Crafters!

  Today I wanted to show you my new Cricut storage. I spent a long time going through Google, people's blogs, stores etc to find a system that I liked. I really like the Scrapcessories Cricut Caddy, but when I looked into buying them, and found them on Custom Crops, I couldn't believe the price! $14.99 (plus shipping!) a container and they only hold 8 carts and 8 overlays and booklets. That is fine if you  8-16 carts, but I have 40...thats $75 plus shipping to store my carts!! *GASP* I could buy at least 2 new carts with that kind of money. Its a great idea, but at this point, WAY too expensive.
  So I kept searching and I found some great ideas using sewing canvas, and I really liked that idea, but I went to Walmart and they didn't carry any of it. So I figured I'd go to the "fishing" department and look at the tackle boxes. I ended up finding an AWESOME deal (I love deals!!) A PLANO stowaway box (model 2-3700) While searching online I saw people mention this brand, but it was for a different system. It was only about $5.50 at Walmart so I was set!
I wanted to be able to read what carts were stored easily, but I couldn't get my label-er to work so I had to figure out another plan. I had a bit of a "Blonde moment" (I am actually Blonde lol) and wrote all the names with a Sharpie on the top. Well when I finished, I tried to close it and they were a tiny bit too big! All I could do is laugh at myself, this is why I am not an engineer or something hahaha So Jon came over and moved around the plastic slots for me and got them to fit perfectly on their sides. So my next project is to label the sides, but I think this time I'll wait until I can get my label-er working again! I learned my lesson!!
  I put two upright to show you what I mean. If you only have a few carts you can also lay them flat and you will be able to see all of them. I organize them by font cartridges, shape carts, disney/character & holiday. That way they are in quick reach and easy to find, with lots of room to add to my collection! hahah

   For my booklets and overlays I used the exact same system I use for all of my Cuttlebug folders. I bought the containers from Ikea in the "Kitchen" section. They are called KRUS 2(2) 9x7x5" this is the biggest size they have at my Ikea, there are also smaller ones as well, but they do not work for this. They are about $8 each, a little pricey, but work really well and the clear lid is an added bonus.

I used the Tabbed Folder Svg from Heather's blog you can find *here* You have to play with the sizes a bit depending how high you want the tab to stick out. Right now I have them as folders, but I may end up cutting the front parts off and just use it as a divider with the tabs because it will save a little room. I organize these in alphabet, font, character/Disney & shape carts to keep it organized. I also keep a few extras empty in case I get more.

  So far I really like this storage, and it is easy to put away and bring out when I need. I am going to eventually put a paper in the front naming what carts overlays & booklets are in the containers just to make it even easier.  In total, this system approx cost me about $30(1 cart box & 3 overlay boxes) with lots of room to add almost double the carts! What systems do you use? Hope this helps someone!

Happy Organizing!!  :)

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