Thursday, September 2, 2010

My updated list for finding free SVGs


  To all you crafters out there that have "Sure Cuts a Lot" I know you probably search like crazy finding awesome free SVGS for the Cricut right?!? Well I have spend HOURS looking for the perfect websites, blogs etc that have great SVGS. I've made a list of my favorites that I have "Book Marked" on my computer that I would like to share. The creators of these SVGs are amazing and VERY generous! Some of these do svgs on a regular basis, others on occasion, but usually all have other fun craft ideas to show as well. I'm sure there are LOTS of sites still waiting to be found, but here are my top favorites at the moment (in no particular order!);

1. PAPER YOGA (she hasn't updated since March, but the ones she does have on her blog are GREAT!)

2. Paper, Scissors, Ink - lots of fun and fresh ideas and svgs

3. Scrapcation Getaway

4. Paper This and That - pretty sure she is the one that made a "Bow-Easy" svg template!

5. Creating in Carolina- I always get a weird "adobe" error message, but I just press "ok" and have NEVER had a problem. I LOVE this lady's work!! So cute!

6. The Lady Wolf- WOW she is talented. She usually takes colouring pages from the web and makes them into awesome SVGs! She hasn't updated in a few days, but usually they are "daily free SVGs"! Got to LOVE it!

7. Denise's Scrapbooking Room - Her stuff is Hit or Miss with me, but may be the taste of others!

8. Mardenz- WOW WOW WOW, this lady is BEYOND talented! If you haven't already seen her files, head over there right away, you will be AMAZED! She does lots of character and movie svgs which I LOVE!

9. Scale-Files- He hasn't updated in a while, but is work is awesome, so be sure to check his "older posts" for lots of SVGs

10. Crafters Edge-Sure Cuts a Lot forum- I love searching through this and finding awesome Svgs. There is a LOT of talent on this forum, so check back regularly!

Well folks, that is my "Top 10" FAVE free Svg websites at the moment. If you have any to add let me know, as I am always in need of a good free SVG fix! hehe If any of the links do not work or misdirect you, please leave a comment right away and I will fix the problem ASAP!
Thanks for stopping by, happy free SVG hunting!! :) :)


*I do not own the "free" image, it was found using Google off the website no copyright infringement intended 

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