Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saddle up!

Hi Everyone!

  Today Jon took me out horseback riding! We thought it was going to rain, but ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day. It was a little windy, but we took the horses into the deep woods, so didn't even notice! My horse's name was "Thunder" and I know why he wasn't named Lighting, lol he was one slow fellow. In a lot of ways we had the same personality traits; he made up his own mind where he wanted to go, even when I was hauling on his reins with all my might to go another way he just knew what he wanted! He was extremely laid back and didn't care what other people or horses around him were doing, he had other things on his mind. He stopped for little "snacks" all the time, even when I was trying to get him going! He was cautious when he went down hills, and took his time so that he won't slip and I won't fall off. In all he was a fun horse and I loved that he had his own little personality! At first I was a little nervous because he won't stop huffing and puffing, but turns out the bugs were bothering his poor dark eyes so bad! Once we got deeper into the woods, he seemed to be a lot better (probably has to do with running into all the bushes he made me go through when I won't let him eat, I think that got rid of all the flies!)  It was an hour ride and it was just so peaceful! The only problem we had was when Jon's horse (which was behind me), out of no where, decided to canter as I was descending down a steep, slippy hill! I pretty much was screaming "WHOAHHHHHHHH. whoa, whoaaaaaaaa!" hahaha and pulling on my horse as had as possible, as he thought he needed to start running down the hill! We got them under control quickly, which was good! I think something may have spooked Jon's horse, but who knows for sure! It is a great story to remember though! hahah I'll leave you will a few pictures of our fun day! We couldn't take many pics while riding as the paths were rugged! Hope you all had a great day too! Horsey nudges <3
It was just beautiful!

after the ride, had to pin my hair because it was soo windy coming back

Best Friends! <3

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