Friday, September 3, 2010

where do I sign up for that?

    Anyone remember that credit card/ banking commercial where they simply blow all the numbers off of their bills and become debt free? I WANT THAT! I tried to find a YouTube video to jog everyone's memory, but had no luck, sorry!
    I'm looking into Schools for Photography and WOW they are expensive! There is a school in Vancouver, Canada (only one province away from me) that is 1 year and the tution is...get sure you want to hear this......almost $30,000.00!!! *FALLS ON FLOOR* That is without living costs, eating, or equipment! I could not believe it! When all said and done, I am looking at $50,000.00+ in cost for 1 *ONE* year of schooling! The school is world known, and apparently the program is AMAZING but how does one afford such a thing? I mean I would have to save for YEARS and still have to take out a line of credit and apply for EVERY grant, scholarship, award etc that is available!!  If I won the lottery then I could look into it, but for now I'll just scratch my head and try and figure out something else
  Just a quick post about my SHOCK! haha Back to the real world for now I guess! Hope you are all having a FAB day/night!!

Much Love & Luck


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