Monday, October 25, 2010

little update

Well that time has come again, snow time! :( it snowed all day here today and sadly it's only October! It was a great excuse to have a hot bath and cuddle up with some frothy hot chocolate, so I can't complain too much!

I have a few cards and pics I would like to post this week if I get a chance. This weekend I made veggie chili, Caesars, and chocolate macaroon brownies! Yum yum!

These go perfectly with the chilly weather! I'm not much of a drinker, my Ceasers were more virgin ones than anything! I just needed an excuse to eat the pickled asparagus! Sounds weird, and I'm not a pickle person, but those things are addictive! I tried them at Costco and am hooked!

I'm exhausted and off to bed! Good night all and hope you had a wonderful (and warmer) day!!

Big mugs of spicy chili cheers! :)

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Candy October 2010 Winner ($30 to Scrappin Great Deals)

The video has all the Pumpkins my Sis "D" & I carved & my cute little Nephew's "scary man" pumpkin (he even has ears! haha how sweet!)

ok so I FINALLY got YouTube to work, for some reason I had to change my password (even though it worked to sign into Youtube) in order for me to upload the video! I had to google what other people did in this situation, as I just kept getting "unknown error from Youtube" OH WELL its fixed now! Congrats to Brandi Lynn!

  Off to Toronto tomorrow morning, I'll have more post later this week hopefully! Went and did an awesome card class taught by Kim at Scrappin Great Deals tonight with one of my Sisters! We had a blast, I'll post my cards next week!

Thanks again to everyone that participated and all the lovely comments, emails & Love! :)

Much Love

Carrie & the pups

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog candy draw...

My Sis & I are filming & editing the Blog Candy winner right now, so stay tuned in the next hour or sooo!!  :)


AHHHHHHHH YOUTUBE is down :(    :S    as soon as it is back up, I will add the video!!!

The winner of the Blog Candy is BrandiLynn!! Congrats!!! I emailed you details on the prize, please let me know when you receive it!  I made a YouTube video to show the winner in a really fun way, but everything I try to upload it, it says " YouTube unknown error" I have tried several different ways and still nothing! :( I am not sure why, but I am sorry it didn't work! Thank you to everyone that participated and came to my blog, I really appreciate it!! Thank you so much to Scrappin Great Deals for sponsoring my blog!! Wahooooo!

  This week has been crazy as I have been on vacation in Ontario. We have been all over, including Canada's Wonderland for my niece & nephews, horseback riding, farmer's market, shopping, and soo much more!! Tomorrow one of my sisters and I are going to Scrappin Great Deals to do a card class! Can not wait, it will be a blast!!!

How you all are having a fab week!! Thanks for stopping by!!! :)