Sunday, November 28, 2010

My new addiction-LUSH

Hi Everyone,

  Once again, I have had zero time for crafting, between work, over-time, 2nd job, & Jon being home for only 5 days, it has been BUSY!! Jon flew back up North to his job site & won't be back until Christmas, SO we had to get ALL of our Christmas shopping done on Friday (the only day I could get off) and it was hectic!! Even here in Canada there were a lot of great deals as it was 'Black Friday' in the States, so the stores were beyond busy!
   Anyways, I have a new addiction that I just can't seem to get enough of lately! I am a bath girl, I love to take baths, especially when I am tired or stressed or the day just felt long. I love to take a nice warm bath, with scented candles & just relax.....ahhh........ So when I finally gave in and went into a Lush store, I became ADDICTED! I was always a little intimidated by these stores, it can be a little overwhelming, and the smells can be STRONG! But once I stepped into the store, the staff were nothing but the best, and helped me out so much! One of the guys even did a demo of some of the products to show me exactly what they did & how they smelled! It was lots of fun, and I spent almost 1/2 hr in the store and came out with a bag full of goodies! There was only one hiccup, that I got over charged on an item (she selected the higher priced item by mistake) but when I brought it back, they were nothing short of amazing, and took very good care of me! It was so nice to have such great customer service!

  Here is one of my favorite items;

                                                 The Comforter Bubble Bar

                                     Its so easy to use, just crack off a small piece

                Crumble it under running water, swish your hands in the water a little bit....

                              & TAAA-DAAAA! Creamy, frothy suds & pretty pink water!


 It was really nice & relaxing, and the smell was absolutely delicious! My skin felt so soft & refreshed after the bath!

I also bought the Happy Christmas gift box (they actually made a mistake in store & had it marked for 27.99 so gave it to me for that price!!!!! Yay!), the Gingerbread House bubble bar, Rock Star soap, Godmother soap, Angel's Delight soap, & a sample of Summer Pudding soap, and Rub Rub Rub shower scrub! Lets just say I'll be smelling amazing for quite some time! Right now my entire bathroom smells amazing with just the products on the counter! I can definitely say I am addicted & will be trying many of their other products.

I also watched this video on the company, & it just made me love them even more!

Lush Cosmetics - A Lush Life, We Believe from Jack Constantine on Vimeo.

Warm sudsy wishes,


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shark help!!

This happened at West Edmonton Mall while we were watching the sharks & sea-turtles. I was the first to spot it and thought the poor little sharky was dying, and then I though the others were going to eat it (lol!) Turns out they were just looking after each other, it was an awesome moment. I had to take out the audio because there were little kids SHOUTING & screaming right beside my camera.

Double click on video to go to a bigger screen on YouTube!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another update

Hi Everyone,

 I am very sorry that I have been away for so long! I am always disappointed when other bloggers do that to me! lol (not that I have time to check anyone's blogs lately!) I have been very busy with my full time job and working late shifts and over time, and on weekends I work my 2nd job doing promos, and somewhere in there I am trying to find time to Christmas shop, clean house and take care of the 2 dogs! So needless to say I haven't done ANY crafting, but 'Tis the Season, and I need to start on all the Christmas stuff!! This week I am cleaning/gutting out my craft room and trying to make more space and get rid of some of the junk. I will show a before & after pic when that gets done! I also picked up the stuff to do the treats for the ladies at work, and SOME of the Christmas card stuff, although I still do not have a complete plan/vision for those yet! Hope all is well!

Busy hugs & messy room cleaning,

Carrie, Mia & Milo