Saturday, January 29, 2011

Milo the camera hog

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone's week has been going great! I celebrated me birthday on the 27th and I have also signed up for a few University classes on weekends, which I am very happy about! I did one last week and it was awesome! I also signed up for the new Rec centre(gym) that just opened by my place to go workout, skate and swim, I am sooo excited!
I wanted to take a picture to show the different size wool I have, the HUGE one at walmart, a regular one, and one regular after I made 1 scarf. Well if anyone knows my dog Milo, they know he LOVES getting his picture taken. I'm not even sure why, because he really has no idea what's going on, but I guess he likes the attention! I set up these 3 balls of wool and he immediately posed in line with them! He even turned a different angle, I didn't touch or move him at all! Oh he just cracks me up! I thought I would share this moment with all of you!

Fluffy wool & posing dogs,
Carrie xo

(too bad the ugly computer cord is in this one!)

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  1. I really enjoy reading through your puppy blog! Please keep updating it frequently!