Friday, February 11, 2011


 What has everyone been up to lately? I have been very busy with work, university classes, & the gym!! My classes are done in March, & I am so excited because then I feel like I can finally breathe for a while. I think, for now, if I decide to take any more classes, I will do it once I am done work. I am loving the new gym that opened by my place, and I have started training using an iPhone app (can you believe it, you can really do just about ANYTHING with those phones.) Its called 'Couch to 5K' and its suppose to be that you go from never being able to run, to being able to run 5 kilometers after just 9 weeks! I am on week two so far and loving it (even though it HAS been kicking my butt!) I think the app costs about $2, best 2 I've spent so far! hahah I also downloaded the 'Nike training' app, it shows videos, and a lady (automated) talks to you through your work-out they give you. I am doing ab training on that one, and I really like it because she reminds me to straighten my back, tell me when I only 30 secs left & she even gives you a 'breather period' to just take a 30-60 second break! I feel I have much more energy & sleep better since I started working out again.
  This weekend I have two all day classes, but I am also going to try & film a special Valentines day video!! I am getting a little behind in the filming, but I hope to catch up by next weekend!

running legs & lots of homework,

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