Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cake Pops!!! :)

Hi Everyone,

So I have been off sick with a 'cousin' or 'sister' virus of the dreaded mono!! The Dr said that it is very unfortunate, but I am lucky I do not have actual mono because of the long term effects it can have. I pretty much have the EXACT same symptoms of mono, it should hopefully just be for a shorter time!! Hope all of you are in good health and doing well! My weak immune system seems to have gotten the better of me AGAIN!
A few weeks ago, I tested out "cake pops" and made them for a few of the girls at work. They seem to be all the rage right now, so I figured I would give it a shot. I must say that these things are VERY time consuming! You first have to bake a regular cake and let it cool completely. Then crumble it and add icing until you are able to roll small balls. Let them sit in the fridge for several hours, then melt chocolate (I use Wilton melts that are white chocolate in different colours) Then put stick into rolled ball, dip in chocolate, throw on some edible decorations and stick into Styrofoam until dry. I made about 14 and bagged and put ribbon on them before deciding it was time for bed. I got a little over ambitious and thought I would make them for the whole office (meaning I'd have to make about 75+) and bought all the stuff to make that many, but after just over a dozen I was done! hahaha There is a whole other art to making them look like things as well, such as chicks, robots, characters, you name it!! Mine are just super duper basic, but there are some really artistic people that have made some AMAZING cake pops! My favorite website is Bakerella and I even bought her book to support her(I found it at my local Chapters)! When I first starting going through the book I was like wow, this will be a breeze, turns out not so much hahaha I now have A LOT more respect for her (and anyone else that makes these things) for putting such detail into them. I think with a lot of patience and practice, I will be able to concur most of the examples in her book. If you are thinking about making these, seriously check out her book, her photo examples and directions alone are awesome! I had googled and looked around before, but everyone's instructions were very different, and I love being able to refer to the books photos, and her basic way o making them! Here are my slightly embarrassing, but completely delicious cake pops;

Cake, but and starting to crumble

Milo hoping I would drop some, sorry dog not happening this time! haha

Rolling the balls and laying them on wax paper to go in the fridge for several hours

Purple melts! :)

AND HERE THEY ARE hahahaa!! I tried different kinds of candy (I know, I know NOT pretty! Haha)

Bagged and ready to have ribbon

Cherry chip vanilla cake & white chocolate frosting,
Carrie xo

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

And so it begins

Hi everyone!
So I can officially announce that I am going back to school in September!! I am taking a year leave from work to go back, and I am VERY excited. I will be moving to B.C so you will all get to experience that too! :) not sure yet if I will be driving or flying, depends on Jon's schedule! Anyways I'm off to bed, I'll have more details later! Here are a few random pictures I took;


Snuggled in her favorite spot

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Monday, April 4, 2011

The most delicious colours


One of my Sisters flew in on thursday night so we have been hanging out, shopping & eating! Last night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant here that is a hidden gem, the food was fab as always! We were stuffed, had leftovers to take home, and the bill was cheap, my kinda place haha!
This morning I drove Jon to work and as I was driving back, the sky was just the most amazing colours. I didn't have my actual camera, but I am impressed by the pictures I was able to take with my iPhone, this little camera is top notch! I also played around with one of my apps hipstamatic, which is such a fun app! You take the pic like a regular camera, but it develops to the type of film/lens you choose, so you really have no idea how the pic is going to turn out until after the shot! Here are two hipstamatic prints and then on regular;

I want to paint my walls in these colours!!

Xo -Care

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