Monday, April 4, 2011

The most delicious colours


One of my Sisters flew in on thursday night so we have been hanging out, shopping & eating! Last night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant here that is a hidden gem, the food was fab as always! We were stuffed, had leftovers to take home, and the bill was cheap, my kinda place haha!
This morning I drove Jon to work and as I was driving back, the sky was just the most amazing colours. I didn't have my actual camera, but I am impressed by the pictures I was able to take with my iPhone, this little camera is top notch! I also played around with one of my apps hipstamatic, which is such a fun app! You take the pic like a regular camera, but it develops to the type of film/lens you choose, so you really have no idea how the pic is going to turn out until after the shot! Here are two hipstamatic prints and then on regular;

I want to paint my walls in these colours!!

Xo -Care

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