The Doggies

Mia and  Milo - The Spoiled Chihuahuas

                                             Mia (her "deer/fawn" picture!)
                                                     Snuggles in the bed
                                          Sunning in the bed (they LOVE laying in the sun)
                                                             The Clown!!
                                                      Christmas 2008

When they were puppies! <3

Milo's brothers and sisters! HE is the one in my arms sleeping. I went to pick out a puppy and he crawled right into my arms and picked ME!! :) I didn't want to leave all these pups, they were so cute!
Milo's pregnant Mom, its freaky how much he looks identical to her!
Milo's Dad

Some prescriptions don't come in a bottle. Some come on a leash